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Full Version: Implants ???
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This just poped into my head. I have no idea where to post it.
Ra, maybe you might know.

I'm sitting in what some call a pub. A bar in the USA, when this just hit me.

A wonder what reaction I would get from a female if I had a vibrator implanted in my penis. Not a large one, but just a small one.

Yea, a few gin and tonic drinks can do this to me.

Can you just imnagion the reaction?

Well, back to my gin.

Night all
Bad idea. And I really doubt that women feel or appreciate all these weird "addins" that men are drooling about 😁
That is true for most women, and of course it's a bad idea.
But how do you explane that most dildos have ridges and bumps that some women love to play with?

Women get implants, why can't men?

Sorry guys, I'm not the one for a doctor.
Of course, people differ, and some may feel differently than the others. There are common erogenous zones and there are individual erogenous zones. One of the most frequently used zone is the brain 😉

Where do you think would be the best place to implant a vibrator? At the base of the penis?
I was thinking somewhere near the tip. In this way the tip buzzes while you slide it slowly in and out.

Of course this is fantasy , the better place would be the ball sac. But, I think it would be useless there.

Please remember, I'm not into this kind of thing. This was a weird idea that poped into my head last nite.
(24 May 2015, 15:52 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]I was thinking somewhere near the tip.
The most sensitive part for men, but the least sensitive place for women. The most sensitive female parts are the vagina entrance, clitoris and the G-spot. Unless you place it in the upper side of the penis head, it will be useless for the G-spot.
True, like I said, this was something that just poped into my head.
With all the growing and swelling and moving that the penis does, any kind of implant sounds bad to me. However, what about the cavity above the penis? As all crossdressers know, you can still pop your balls back into that cavity area so it's open and available. It would only give her "good vibrations" when you fully thrust, but that could make it a nice treat.
Now there's a thought.
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