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Full Version: Rainwear
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I could not find a general thread about rainwear, so, here it comes.

I like rainwear for as long as I can remember. When I was young (60s, early 70s), raincoats used to be yellow and were made of oiled fabric, somewhat close to rubberised cloth. Today, some fabrics come pretty close again, coated with PU, PVC or Polyesther. Others are completely different. Cheap rainwear made from PVC is awful, expensive PVC rainwear can be awesome.

Well, I am not trying to convince anyone of the fascination of rainwear, but this thread needed an introduction. Let's collect rainwear here, images, videos, shops, experiences, findings on (in?) the attic etc. I have searched the internet for quite a while. Of course, I never exactly found, what I want. Maybe this thread will help me, and others, to whom it didn't even occur to ask here 😉

I aeady posted this link elsewhere, nice raincoats, but very feminine:

An image of the old-style raincoats I grew up with (probably remake from PVC): hasn't been available for a year at least, still being advertised though.

Some nice jackets here:

Real nice one, but not available anymore:

Perhaps the most expensive rain coat ever: Old-style for a selected audience

And let's not forget the charming models from PVC-U-Like:

These links are meant to be teasers, not really a shopping guide. Feel free to add, whatever you think, might add to the subject.

And a few images