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Full Version: Latex care or cleaning latex
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Hello everyone, so long since my last thread, but the life of a college student and then trying to get a job is very complicated. The main reason I'm writing this thread is because I need some advice from you guys, because although I've search how to take care of latex I don't know if Im doing it aight.

Here is what I found in most sites that put the way to clean latex
Fill your bathtub, a bucket or whatever you got with some handwarm water, put one or two drops of mild shampoo or baby shampoo in and wash your latex in it. Afterwards rinse it good of with fresh water, so that no shampoo remains! Then put it on a hanger (wooden or plastic) and let it dry, in- and outside!
Recommendation: After I rinsed my latex, I will put it again in some clean water and add some of my silicone oil (Cult from Pjur), swiff the latex a little around in the mix and then hang it up to dry. So that I dont have to start shining it after it dried and can hang it right away in the closet.

This is the first time I wear real latex (and it feels AWESOME, so bad I can't use it all day ), because in my city is almost impossible to get latex clothing (as I'm a guy living with it's parents, I can't make shipping directly to my house and the international shipping is very rare to be able to take the package from the postal service or similar.)

So: 1. Is the only way to wash or clean latex?
I don't know if that's the best way (or the only way) because I can't wash the latex without my parents here and is rare to have the house on my own, so every time I could use the latex will be when they aren't home (I want to use it more often) and then I will have to wash it that way and let it dry. Other option I read was with a wet towel clean the latex and let it dry

2. Is there another way to give the smooth sensation to the latex without silicone oil?
Today was my first use of the latex top, and I barely use it 5 minutes just to test it and feel it, but in the armpit zone, there was a stain and I only clean it with water and then dry it with a towel. The problem was that in the armpit area the surface is not as smooth as the other parts of the latex top. Because I don't have enough money to buy silicone oil yet, I don't know if there are alternative silicone oils (not the ones specialized for latex, but some mainstream product that contains silicone oil) because if I wash or clean the latex it will lost the smooth sensation.

3. Silicone oil has fragance or smell? ANd is it messy?
The other question is if I manage to buy silicone oil does it smell? and will it remain on the room that I kept the latex top? Because when I researched about silicone oil they didn't mention if it was messy, if it left a particular smell on the clothes and the container that will store the latex clothes?

Hope you can help me with this because I want to use the latex a lot of time but the cleaning is something I can't do freely in my house.
Thanks and sorry, english is not my native language
to 1. I always clean my Latex in the sink or der Shower with normal hand soap! It works perfect. For drying i use a normal towel. Just dry it with the towel from both sides.

to 2. Some use talcum powder, some use Silicon oil and othes use J-Lube

they all have pro and contra!

+with talcum powder it is easy to get in to your Latex clothes.
-it doesn´t look good, it doesn´t feel so smoth and you got powder everywere afterwards.

+I prefere silicon oil. You don´t need much, it feels very smoth and looks awesome.
-it is very slippery and if you don´t rub it away with a towel or in the Shower you distribute it everywhere, particularly on the ground (so if you were latex Socks clean your feet before you walk around). It can make stains but they disappear from washing.

J-Lube is a Powder, that you can mix with water to get a very slimy, slippery lube. I don´t like it because it makes more stains than silicon Oil and it is so slimy, but this im my opinion! Maybe Likera can tell you more about it.

I think they are all not expensive and they don´t smell, but you maybe have to try what is your favorite.

I often take a shower after wearing Latex, that makes it very easy! Just jump in the shower with your Latex and remove it of during the shower.
so you can wash and dry it directly and you can lock the door of the bathroom and no one will ask you why.

for the beginning i would advise to buy silicone oil. It is very cheap on ebay or amazon. just don´t buy it from a sexshop, it is just more expensive and not better.

In which country do you live? maybe I can give you a few tips on how you get latex with no one will notice what. You can write private message, if you want.
Thanks for the advices, I live in Mexico so the problem with the real latex stores is that they only ship the item to specific countries or they don't allow the "left the package in the store and you can get it later" with an ID or something like that. The way I manage to get this latex shirt was with a e-shop and then they ask for the items from germany (I think) but they received the product and then they ship it to one of the stores specialized in package delivery where I can grab the package in their offices (sorry if I don't use the real term but as someone who doesn't speak english is hard to write it or find the correct words).

So thats the real problem. For now this is the only way to have real latex stuff and for the first time the announce what you will receive. So this latex top is going to be the first latex clothe i'll have for a while, and getting silicone oil as you mention is expensive on sexshop. Thanks for other advices you might have
Silicon oil should be available on most DIY shops, it is a very common lubricant where mineral oil is not suitable. Also talcum powder should be available there. These are the two good agents for latex.

As for cleaning:

Water is better than no cleaning at all, especially when you sweated.
I think, sperm and grease (from your skin) is worse and really attacks the latex. And I think, it cannot be removed completely with water only. So, whenever you have a chance, use shampoo. It is a bit annoying, since, when your parents are away, you probably rather wear it than wash it - I know that problem too!
Well I've been searching for silicone oil (not in the sexshop nor online) but without success. I don't know if "Home Depot" is a DIY store, because in my hometown is difficult to find a store like that. I will try with some talcum powder but I don't know if the latex will have almost the same smooth sensation after the first wash. If not I will have to buy a silicone oil somewhere.

Another question, what VacbedBound said about the towel, could it be any towel? Or it has to be a special towel? Thanks
All I'll say is that I've been using talc on the inside and silicone on the outside for over ten years and none of my rubber is deteriorating so far as I can tell.
but what about the washing? you wash it and then use the silicone and let it dry all by itself? or you use a towel or something else? Because I tried what VacbedBound tell me about the towel but the latex now have some lint from the towel. Im trying to dry the latex with some air (not from outside) from a fan, but it still remains humid. Is it okay to store it humid or I'll have to wait until the latex is completely dry because I don't know how much time it will take. And now the latex has some lint, hope the next wash will get rid of it and I'll dry it without a towel to avoid the lint.
As far as I know, silicon oil does nothing to preserve the feel or quality of the latex. It is used to look good and shiny, and it might help putting the garment on. Talcum, on the other hand, might even have some beneficial effects on the latex, and it prevents the inside of your garment to stick together.

What culmor said, is what I thought too, except, I am not using silicon oil at all.

"Home Depot" sounds exactly like a DIY store. Alternatively, you could look for internet shops selling RC helicopters and cars. Silicon oil is also used to lubricate the plastic gears in such models, and it might be less expensive there than in sex shops.

Washing and using silicon oil or talcum are completely different things. Wash and dry first, then apply silicon and/or talcum.

If you store your latex garment when it is still wet, there will be water stains (white freckles or clouds). A towel, that has been washed many times, will leave less lints. I haven't found "the best towel" yet, and anyway, it depends on what you got at home.

By the way, there is something as important as washing latex after use: Do not expose it to sunlight! Sunlight can destroy the structure quickly, the latex hardens and decays. This is especially true for natural (uncoloured) latex. Black latex is said to be the least vulnerable by sunlight, but it still is. Latex won't fall apart because of a single beam of sunlight, but better avoid it where you can. I suppose, you do anyway...
Thanks Strappado, about the sunlight I know that well because of the tips I found when I purchased the latex top. The washing part was very general that's why I ask a lot of questions. I will give a try about Home depot, maybe i could find the silicone oil and the RC helipctoers store they are not very popular in my country but i'll give it a try. And about the talcum powder, I used it inside of the garment to avoid to stick and it gives the smooth sensation again (but now is kind of white, but it does not matter) The outside is shiny but with lint and not very smooth.

I don't know if I could use the talcum on the outside and it will keep it shiny, and I know it will give the smooth sensation again, but as I don't have the silicone oil yet, I want to keep it shiny while it last if it's possible with the talcum.

Because of the lint in my next use i'll wash it and then dry it with some air (I don't know if that's good).
Thanks for the advices
I want to keep this thread active until we come up with solutions. I cannot try much at the moment, given, that my latex stuff is confidential too and I am not living alone.
As far as I experienced, the only good way to dry latex is to hang it somewhere and wait. Not sure, if heat (hair dryer or so) is good or bad, it would of course speed up the process. Wiping latex with any cloth is an adventure, it sticks so much, and it does leave lint.
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