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Full Version: old posts
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Not a big deal, this has happened about 4 times now. I log on and View unread Posts(xx). Tonight it showed 21. But the new post was
9. So I read the new 9, than the View unread Posts when to 12, so I clicked on it to zero it out and it shows post from Oct 10, 2014 & Dec
28, 2013, so I click on last post on each to zero the count out. See screen shots. Like I said, no big deal, just fyi.

Hmmmm, never tried to post a pic before, I don't see any where for attachments.
Yes, I noticed that View Unread Post behaves "strangely", but I do not want to touch any plugins till I upgrade the forum software to the next main version.

(09 Jan 2015, 07:07 )MstrChain Wrote: [ -> ]never tried to post a pic before, I don't see any where for attachments.
If you click on New Reply/New Thread/Edit/Goto Full Reply, you should see the "Browse..." button beneath the editor.
Probably it happens because of extensive and aggressive multilevel caching.
Ah, hang on... Do you mean "New posts" or "Unread posts"? You may have cleared the "Unread posts" and then check the "New posts". They are very confusable.
ok, got the screen shots in.

first one is what I see when I come in to your site. ( default page for me )

second pic is what I see after reading the 9 new posts ( adding up the new posts shown after each post -- 6 new posts and so on ) and after pressing "View Unread Posts(xx)", in this case, it showed 12 as being unread, and you can see the dates on the post it's showing.

I always click on View New Posts first.