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Full Version: Vibrator with timer (not real self bondage)
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Had fun with my timer today. Not particularly self bondage in the general way but still out of my control.

I programmed my timer for ten different level of events, 10 with 5 minutes off, 1 minute on, then 4 off, 1 on, down to 1 off, 1 on with the last on for 10 minutes. A total of 50 events.

Next I wrapped on some tight glad wrap (cling film) shorts with only my penis sticking out. Using a card board tube I made a tube of glad wrap. Cut four 1 inch slits in one end and put a few shots of lube on the inside. Then sliding the tube on my penis and using a little duct tape I taped the for tabs of the tube to my shorts. Then a few more wraps to make everything look nice. Now I had a pair or shorts with a penis tube attached.

Then taking my vibrator and using the springs I slipped it over my plastic encased penis securing it tightly with some rubber strips made form an inner tube (bicycle tube). A few adjustments to get everything just right and I now had a nice vibrator attached to me.

Set the timer to start sequence to start in about 10 minutes and started browsing the web. For the next three hours I was constantly teased as the vibrator turned on and off. The frustration was intense sometimes getting really close to orgasm. Finally the 10 minute session started and I orgasm about 1/2 way into the 10 minute session, almost more than I could bear as I had several more minutes of the vibrator left.

To convert to a self bondage session it would not be too hard.

The attachment shows the vibrator strapped on.
As always - it would be nice to have a couple of photos 😉
OK, a few images.

1) Basic equipment
2) making the penis tube from the cling film
3) Cutting the tab to help attach to the cling film shorts
4) A few squirts of lube into the tube.
5) The timer, the 4 bars is the 50 vibrator sessions programmed over almost 4 hours.
6) The four strips of duct tape used to secure the penis tube to the glad wrap/ cling film shorts
7) Showing the tube attached. Be very careful to not let the tape touch any hair of skin because you will regret that later. Once attached there was a few more wraps to insure everything was secure.
8) Vibrator secure. The short rubber strip was used to insure the two springs would not fall down and keep everything in place. One strap goes between the legs to keep the vibrator pulled in tight while the others help to secure it in a nice position. Now just plug it in and enjoy a little browsing. This would have been fun back in the day when I used to chat.