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Full Version: General ramblings and everyday life
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A thread for general ramblings that are not worthy of creating dedicated threads for. Think, for example, of Twitter or Facebook statuses.

You can find other more or less grouped ramblings here:

Home alone fetish and self-bondage adventures and random naughty thoughts (Fetish -> General)
Site performance, Server errors, outages and tunings (Technical section -> Site )
Miscellaneous interesting pictures and videos (Fetish -> General)
Look around. Anything kinky? Fetishy? Erotic? (Fetish -> General)

As you can see most threads above belong to the Fetish -> General subforum, while this one is created under General discussion -> Off-topic
Suddenly I discovered that I indeed have hundreds of unread posts (The counter above does not lie) And some of them are very interesting. And some of them have no comments. How come???
You spend a lot of time with different important things 😉
On one hand its bad, on the other quite good...think of not caring about your family and such!
(19 Dec 2014, 09:01 )B1u3 Wrote: [ -> ]think of not caring about your family and such!
This is always priority #1

I just need 36 hours a day 😉
Maybe you can clone yourself?
Or, maybe you can get a set of Pods and put them in your Basement, if you have a basement.
(19 Dec 2014, 16:33 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you can clone yourself?
This is a bit higher qi-gong level 😉
(19 Dec 2014, 16:36 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]if you have a basement.
No basement, no attic 😁

OK, time to leave for training 😉
I would like to be properly dressed up (fully encased in lycra or latex, does not matter), tightly plugged, tightly bound, tightly blindfolded and gagged with a real, but not too big cock (may I dream????). Instead I'm recovering the site, trying not to fall asleep (almost did not sleep last night), everything aches after a hard training in the morning and serious shopping during the day. Yeah, life...
Barely alive after three days of non-stop house renovation.
Just got back home - been to Paris for a couple of days. KKkkkold..... Bad time to enjoy well-nyloned ladies.

BTW, I see increased interest in leather and leather-look/leather-like stuff. Bought myself leather-like mini shorts 😉

Oh, BTW, I saw a man in shorts and thick patterned pantyhose 😋
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