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Full Version: Latexhood shop
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First of all, sorry but my english is poor.
Have you ever buy a mask in What about quality? Any experiences?
I've seen this mask. Anyone bought it?:

[Image: t_206b.jpg]

I've searching for a mask with a hollow tube internal gag and separately holes (not necessarily tubes) for breathing, but I'm not sure that this mask have an internal gag.

I tweaked the post a bit (moved to the Latex shopping forum, added a poll and changed the subject).

What I see in this shop is usual Chinese hoods you can find on eBay or Alibaba. Nothing special.

About the hood. This is what I've got:

I was very excited about the hood inflatability, but I only tried it a couple of times and did not like it - all sounds are amplified and the pressure is not comfortable. Also I do not use the nose tubes (they are removable). But the rest is fantastic - this is hood I almost always use in mu self-bondage sessions.