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Full Version: Lost interest? What happen, what changed?
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For the last two months, I have had no interests in anything related to self bondage or dressing or anything fetish.
I love this site and all that are here, but for some reason, none of these things excits me anymore.
So where and when did it end?
I still have dreams about being tied up, wearing my nylons, and my costumes. But now, I have no diesure to do any of it.

Has this ever happen to others?
(13 Nov 2014, 18:46 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Has this ever happen to others?
Sure, there is even a thread about this 😉 Need to find it...
I was just thinking, I have tried all sorts of self bondage over the last 20 years, and to do the same ones over and over again, gets to be boring after a while. Even changing costumes didn't help.

Need something to do.

Now there are a few bondage I would like to try, but it requires a second person to help with the final knot. I dream about this, and think about this a lot. But again, with a second person, this can't be self bondage.

So, now what?
I think I recognise the symptoms - I've been through the exact same myself.

My own experience has thrown up these points:

On at least 3 occasions I've got to the point where I threw away all my gear, simply thinking I'd never feel the urge again.... but it always came back. - so don't throw away your gear! Pack it away, hidden deep or just out of sight and don't worry (it costs too much to start over again... 😟 ...but it is fun buying fresh...😁 )

You can try too hard to enjoy a session - so learn to not worry it if it doesn't feel 'right', do something else instead, read a book, run, walk watch TV, whatever! Being happy and content is more important than self-bondage, trust me on that!

If you want to play, but it all seems too much bother, why not try the simple things? I've recently had real fun going back to basics and revisiting old favourites. I heartily recommend a 'quickie' just for the thrill of it (it doesn't always have to be a 2hr session with 200ft of rope, 20 ice-cubes and a vat of custard!)

I know everyone is different, but I personally lose a lot of my drive if work (or home) is stressful/demanding. This is something I've learnt to recognise and, to some extent, deal with.

Also self-bondage comes way down the list of important things in my life - family, friends, health and all the other things that make us socially acceptable and responsible human beings. I love my bondage, but not to the detriment of my life, my friends, my family and so on.

I've not purged in twenty-five years (although I did a couple of times before then so I know what it's all about). The urge isn't going to go away anytime soon and I've now spent far too much on the hobby to consider re-commissioning all the custom kit again. Which I inevitably would do sooner or later. Lots of costumes just sit in the wardrobe for months and months until a Harley or a Black Canary or a Lara or a Wondie mood comes upon me...and as for the Catwoman costumes... 😋
Not going to toss anything out. Learned that the hard way.
I put almost everything in boxes for now. The only things I kept out, was the outfits that I could wear out, and the leopard catsuit.

Everything else went in the box.

For now.....
(13 Nov 2014, 18:46 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]But now, I have no diesure to do any of it.

Has this ever happen to others?
Yeah I'm also feeling burned out ... just can't be bothered.
My body has betrayed me ...
There is one permanent thing about fetishes - they never fully disappear.

I never throw anything out. The desire to put tight latex on, shove the longest and thickest dildos in, get into ropes and fill the internals with enema while locked in a chastity device with a connected power vibrator will definitely return.

See? EOTD! 😁
Yea, I'm sure I'll return someday, but now, I'm playing with my Lionel trains. But still, I'm still wearing my pantyhose.
Maybe it's the weather or the season.
Who knows.
(01 Dec 2014, 00:08 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe it's the weather or the season.
Also true. I can't even think of putting latex garment on when it's cold even inside....
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