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Full Version: MJ-SB07/2014 – Home alone again: Test run of my chair tie fantasy
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For various reasons my Home Alone weekend didn’t really deliver what I had planned/hoped for, but I was determined to at least do a test run of my chair tie fantasy scene and prove some of my ideas could work in reality. It didn’t go quite as planned…


70den closed crotch nylon long sleeved bodysuit with sheath
20den tan shiny/glossy tights
10 knee-highs
cock butt plug
High-heeled ankle boots
Black Lycra body
ball gag
cock vibrator
digital timer
wooden beam
silicon penis sleeve
wrist cuffs
leather belts
ear plugs

The session:

With all my original plans in tatters I still wanted to have a go at part of my Chair Tie scene, but without the enema and the timed release. I was looking to prove that the position would be comfortable, safe and most importantly sexy – there is nothing worse than placing yourself in strict, inescapable, bondage and then hating every minute that you’re stuck! (Well, for me at least!)

The set-up was quite simple: I would use a chair that has featured before in my self-bondage sessions, plus a wooden beam to achieve the reclined position I was seeking. I would rest the beam on a solid base (in this case the windowsill) and rest the chair back against it.

First up was to get dressed: First on (err, in!) was my cock butt-plug which slipped in surprisingly easily considering my many months without play! Next I tied a cord around the base of my cock and my balls, wrapping it many times to stretch my balls away from my cock. This not only creates a good erection for me but also helps maintain it. Over the top of that went a condom, covering cock, balls and cord. Next my favourite bodysuit, which is showing signs of wear and tear, with my cock sliding nicely into the nylon sheath. Over that I pulled on a wonderful pair of glossy tights, which by very happy chance have a hole in the crotch that allowed me to pull by cock and balls through. Over this went my Lycra body (another old item that should/could be replaced if money and opportunity allowed) and finally my high-heeled boots.

The chair was aeady in position, with a small table next to it holding various ropes, cuffs, belts and paraphernalia for my session.

Before I sat on the chair I had a sudden urge to include my cock vibrator in the session (I hadn’t originally planned to) so plugged in the pre-programmed timer (I leave it set-up, but this has led to some very embarrassing questions from my girlfriend about why the timer was set to short on/off cycles….) and readied the vibrator itself. Firstly I put on the silicon cock sleeve; this is like a very thick condom but is surprisingly stretchy and very erotic to wear – my reason is to dull down the vibrations and, in theory, prolong the torment/teasing when I’m bound. Next I used two knee-highs to trap the vibrator against my multiply encased cock, with each knee-high pulled down and over cock/vibrator, twisted and pulled over again. This means that each knee-high adds two layers and so my cock was now covered by 7 layers of various materials.

In went my ear plugs, I’m using them more and more in my self-bondage these days, then a knee-high over my head. The gag came next; simply a solid ball inside an old knee-high tied in my mouth with the ball pushing the nylon of my hood into my mouth too. Over that went another knee-high, to hold everything firmly in place and also to add more layers to the encasement of my head - which I love!

Timer set to start in 25minutes, which should give me plenty of time to be helplessly bound! I’ve added cushions to the chair to aid a longer session.

Ankles and legs first; nice and tight as I can make it with a few cinches to be extra secure. Harder than expected in this position, but I am aeady feeling nicely helpless. I continued to wind the same rope around my waist and the chair, pulling me tighter to the frame.

Thinking of how to tie off the end of the rope when inspiration struck me – why not use the object between my legs?

Reaching to the stool I grab all the bits and pieces I need to complete my bondage and dump them between my legs.
Another rope is used to bind my upper body to the chair back and beam. This time I wanted to try a simple style and it was effective, but looking at the video it wasn’t as ‘aesthetically pleasing’ as I would have liked..

I use two leather belts across my eyes and behind the beam. I wanted to fix my head in place, without any opportunity for movement at all. Sorry it’s not in shot, I must have knocked the camera without realising it and my second video didn’t work at all well.
2 knee-highs over each arm, creating my full encasement (ok a tiny gap around my neck, but this felt really good).

Comedy moment! I reached for the leather wrist cuffs, intending to put them on, when I suddenly realised two rather important things:

1 – The handcuffs I wanted to use to lock them together where way out of reach on the bed!
2 – The rope I intended to tie one end to the handcuffs and the other to the handcuff keys was in my lap, minus both the handcuffs and keys!

…FUCK! Dash2

What to do? Untie myself and start over or make the best of what I had? 🤔

I realised that if I stopped now I might simply pack everything away and go to bed. I’d aeady spent over 60mins getting stuff ready and (checking the video) had spent another 15mins tying myself up – to stop now would have spoilt the moment, so onwards I went.
The belts around my head simply wouldn’t stay put, so I discarded them and I wondered what method I could use to tie my wrists.

I recalled the video I’d shared some time back of a guy using a long rope to bind his wrists and decided I could try that. A quick ‘test’ with my arms in front of me indicated this could be a fun approach so I quickly found the centre of the long rope (it was very long!) and off I went.

The self-bondage was quite easy to get into, and felt very sexy as the loops around each wrist built up and up.

As I paused, not knowing how much more rope was still to be used up, the timer suddenly cut in and the vibrator sprang into life.

Though I’d not completed by wrist bondage I was actually quite helpless and quickly lost myself in moment as the vibrations worked against my very erect cock. Oddly I continued to wrap the rope around my wrists and I suffered(?!) the vibrations – I wasn’t aware of doing this until I played back the video later… is this why self-bondage players sometimes get themselves into trouble? Getting carried away in the heat of the moment and adding one rope too many, pulling that little bit too tightly, stepping one pace too far….
With my plugged ears there was very little audible noise, especially when I suddenly started to cum, very strongly, fighting the ropes as my whole body seemed to be moving to force my ejaculation out of my encased and bound cock.

Too soon it was over (and because I could) the urge to free myself overcame any wish to remain bound.

What went well?

I loved the reclined chair position – it made me feel quite helpless and nicely vulnerable, with my legs spread and movement restricted. I especially enjoyed the upper body bondage with really adds to the scene for me

Leaving my cock outside the lycra body – normally I would have tucked my cock inside the lycra and probably buried under more layers of nylon for good measure, but for this session I did make a conscious decision to let everything hang out. As it turned out this worked very nicely and I will try it again – though not in every session as sometimes I want (need?) the sensations I get when everything is well wrapped up.

The bondage and encasement of my cock and balls – another area I’m trying more frequently is binding my cock and balls. I grow very erect with the cord nice and snug (not too tight though) and then adding the condom, knee-highs and latex sheath over that makes it all feel just right. I do not use this method for longer sessions though as I have had a couple of incidents when the cord has slipped or one of my balls has squeezed under the binding and caused discomfort that I couldn’t have tolerated for more than a few minutes at most!

Hands Free Orgasm (HFO) in bondage – even though I came much more quickly than I’d expected or wanted, every time I achieve a true HFO when bound it is a super intense experience. Maybe it is because I can’t actually do anything other than cum somehow enhances the whole experience? I am interested to hear from others on this subject - maybe even a new thread?

New video capture – early results from a new webcam used to record this session look very encouraging. Better still I think I can now successfully record with 3 different video cameras and a quality still camera at the same time. The down side is that all this will take weeks to edit into something I’m happy to share.

What could be improved?

Paying attention to the details! – Well duhhhh! Like forgetting the most import bits of a self-bondage session doesn’t leave room for improvement?! Seriously though, even though in this instance it was a comedy moment, a similar simple (stupid) oversight could have been much, much worse. Imagine if I’d got the handcuffs but not tied the keys to the end of the rope! In mitigation I will say that I had no real intention of this being a ‘proper’ self-bondage session with real long term helplessness, so perhaps my focus wasn’t on the ‘escape’ element as much as it would normally have been.

The head bondage – I had great hopes for this, and initially everything was fine, however after a few minutes the leather belts slipped and became so annoying I had to remove them. Next time I’m going to try a different material. Another element I need to factor in is the obvious problems with reduced mobility (surprising how much for such a small bit extra affects my whole body) and the blindfold effect. None of these are really difficult to overcome, but a bit more thought might produce an even more erotic experience.

Stronger chair and beam – I felt everything flex surprisingly easily as I tested my bondage. I think everything would have been fine if I’d been in a long session and enjoying a struggle (well you have to don’t you!) but I’m on the look-out for a better chair for future sessions, along with a wider, thicker, plank to use for the support.

Staying bound after my HFO – I’m desperate to see if my vibrator set-up would force a second (or more?!) orgasm out of me if I couldn’t free myself. I know this sounds strange, but if I can get free after an orgasm I always will – I can’t overcome (over cum?) the urge. But I do have fantasies of having to stay bound and endure HFO after HFO – I’m even getting an erection as I type! The only way will be to make damn sure I’m utterly helpless for an entire 10 cycle tease… GULP! Wink

I hope you all enjoy this posting - I'm working on editing a video to follow soon 😁


Ps... this is the scenario I was testing for [attachment=13133] obviously still working on the basics right now. 😋
Another short video clip for those who enjoy them

HFO bound to a chair

Let us see if this one stays up on XTube longer than the last posting

(05 Nov 2014, 17:15 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]I would use a chair that has featured before in my self-bondage sessions, plus a wooden beam to achieve the reclined position I was seeking. I would rest the beam on a solid base (in this case the windowsill) and rest the chair back against it.
Very interesting position - helpless and vulnerable (what can be better for bondage or selfbondage?) Also it's quite close for suspension, yet you can't fall down, though tipping over or slipping is still possible (?). Saying that it looks a bit unstable. The ideal tool here would be a reclining fitness bench, but it's much more expensive and takes a lot space.

(05 Nov 2014, 17:15 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]a hole in the crotch that allowed me to pull by cock and balls through. Over this went my Lycra body (another old item that should/could be replaced if money and opportunity allowed)
I'm thinking about making a "cockhole" in one of my old swimsuits, so I do not have to pull the crotch part aside in the "cock out" scenarios.

Last but not least - what a great session! Especially I love the video (though usually I prefer photos, because typical self-bondage videos are long and boring, unless you are playing the main role, of course 😁 ).
(05 Nov 2014, 17:15 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Ps... this is the scenario I was testing for [Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=13133] obviously still working on the basics right now. 😋
Great and exciting idea, but I do not know make the enema release mechanism so the key does not get stuck in it. A rope with "branches"? When you pull the rope one of the branches will untie the enema tube?
Please replay, becouse this video dont exist on xtube!
What? Again???
(12 Nov 2014, 10:35 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]What? Again???

Yes - again! And still no reply from them as to why they deleted it!!

I've read their TOS many times and can find nothing that comes close to contravening it so I'm utterly perplexed 🤔

The only thing I can think is that they dislike something in the on screen text - I will re-edit and try again.


Uploaded once more, after a quick re-edit.

Get it before it goes again!

Fantastic! Thanks alot!
(17 Nov 2014, 09:02 )rasa-r Wrote: [ -> ]Fantastic! Thanks alot!

Glad you enjoyed it 😁