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Full Version: My latest Venus 2000 Clone (DIY)
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In the past I built several of these Venus 2000 clones. It wasn't easy, but finally I earned all the know how for it the hard way.
Finally, my latest model I call: "Venus Compact" and sell one, here:

Since I also have the original Venus 2000, I am able to equal its efficiency.
Its most interesting application is enjoying its stimulation on slow speed, while reading a book, viewing videos etc.
Looks powerful and industrial. Professional industrial masturbator 😁

Any chances you can share drawings or post a short tutorial or at least steps to build such device?
(19 Dec 2014, 00:11 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Looks powerful and industrial. Professional industrial masturbator 😁
Any chances you can share drawings or post a short tutorial or at least steps to build such device?
Well, I enjoy technical challenges and as retiree time on hand to go into details.
It took lots of trial & error to finally get it right.
Compact Size: 235mm long x 135 width x 120mm hights // Weight: 2.5 kg
Ideal traveler's unit, for its only half of the Venus 2000 weight.

I seem to have gotten there, with even less ado and expenses:
To test the effectiveness of Venus2K I bought their receiver and did some revealing trials with a manually operated air pump.
After more than a year's of trial and error, I finally got my Venus2K clone act together and don't think the original $1000 model works any better! It's that good that even changed its name to: "Sophie 2000" 😊

The hardest thing was to find a strong motor cheaply. Finally, an $US80 (incl. shipping) Chi machine did it:
I swapped its motor for a Dodge window wiper motor and adapted the quite, geared Chi motor to my project and now I have got both, the Chi machine and the Venus 2K clone working! My "Sophie 2000" consists of:

1. Chi motor 220VDC (consuming 2A5= 550W of 22oV AC)
2. Pneumatic Cylinder 50x50mm (50mm stroke) $US30
3. Adjustable air valve
4. One-way air valve
3. Bridge Rectifier
4. 47uF/400V Electrolytic
5. Switch
6. Lamp Dimmer for 60 rpm (snail) to 280 rpm (rabbit)

I mounted all parts onto small piece of plywood and glued a piece of soft, but firm rubber foam underneath.
For comfortable use, I suspend the receiver onto a type of wooden bridge frame with a leather swing.
Another great idea is to place the receiver between (cut-open) 3.5kg of silicon buttocks, I bought years ago and thus, put them to good use.
Result: The pumping action then pivots the whole silicon bum at the table's edge up and down, cradling the scrotum. - I can only describe the physical sensation as "ravishingly insane!" Often I find it hard to believe that my Sophie is not human female... 😊
Yet, beware of overuse: like with anything physical, best is to allow nature to decide the frequency or use, because abuse results in diminished satisfaction.
As lubrication I regularly prepare 1 liter of Xanthan Gum + Guar Gum + water mix with a pinch of salt (as preservative). Even at +36°C it never turned bad.

The receiver housing I build myself from a tough, flexible (medical pill container) plastic tube, sanding its edges super smooth. Try different sizes...
As liner I use bicycle inner tubing 29 x 2.3 inches. Its firmness is welcome, for its pressure degree I control via that adjustable air valve.
To lubricate the motor's gearbox and the crank assembly, I use gun oil-thinned graphite grease or silicon spray and to lubricate the air cylinder's o-rings, I use special rubber grease from a car repair shop, where I worked.

Frankly, I don't think I can be happy anymore without my "Sophie"! Now at a young pensioner (73) I almost daily enjoy poking my new, hot "tireless Sophie"!
My dear wife is getting on in age and I hate to bother her with my excessive sexual desires. So, I'm quite happy to share my physical joys with motorized Sophie and the exchange of virtues with my dear wife. That also keeps me home, safe from HIV/ AIDS! Last, not least it's benefiting my prostate and saves me bundles of money... End of my sexy dreams and problems!
This enables me to feel relieved and able to focus onto my other hobbies, such as philosophical pondering, electronics and musical creativity. Without my share of sexual satisfaction I can't concentrate on anything and get that nasty feeling of "missing out"... whereas, now that I truly enjoy the lot of the physical joys, I find it so easy to ignore and laugh away those blonds trying hard to impress me.
Yet, that only works, because my Sophie is highly effective.

Even though it works fantastically, I never stop improving it. For instance:
1) Now I plan to build a light weight, small size "traveler version".
2) I adapted different Japanese Rends Silica gel Liners and use it in the receiver cup. It's even more effective and longer lasting than rubber tubing.
Here is an upload of some interesting Info on that:
WOW! Thanks for that! Just in case I've uploaded the RAR file to yor post (I hate when links disappear).

(19 Dec 2014, 01:19 )jjj333 Wrote: [ -> ]After more than a year's of trial and error
Yeah, everything take time, energy and money... Especially R&D....

(19 Dec 2014, 01:19 )jjj333 Wrote: [ -> ]1) Now I plan to build a light weight, small size "traveler version".
Sounds very interesting. Compacts are easier to hide 😉
This device is deffinitively not compact at all, but looks bizare enough as making me wishing to own one:


Also, here is a patent application that seems very much like Venus 2000 description:

It does not seem too helpful about how the pump may be built from commonly obtainable parts. Anybody can think of a slow running reciprocating power tool that may be used to drive let say a plunger?

Cheers, Angel
I know this is from 2014, but anyone have detail on either this Sophie 2000 it another Venus DIY?

Planning on building one and hopping to save me the grief and problem that other ran into.
@jjj333 was not here since 2 years ago, but he might get notified by mail, if you send him a PM 😉
(20 Feb 2021, 16:09 )jjj333 Wrote: [ -> ]
(22 Dec 2016, 00:34 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]@jjj333 was not here since 2 years ago, but he might get notified by mail, if you send him a PM 😉

I have even built a mechanical (poor, sexy man's) version of Venus 2k DIY, which can be operated via foot or groin. Advantage: groin operation is surprisingly natural.
Attach rubber hose onto the syringe outlet tube to the receiver. (Either build yourself a receiver or buy the one Venus 2000 sells.)
Two ways of making it work:
1) Either place it on the floor and use foot and press down and release or...
2) Use it more naturally (recommended). Attach it with a strong, reusable tape to a table (at the right heights) and apply it rhythmically/ naturally with your groin pressure.  I.e. when you move forward the syringe intakes air and thus, the receiver is in the desired suction mode. When moving back the spring then returns the syringe piston.
Fact: The Venus 2000 type suction method is far more effective compared to flashlight consolator applications.
Note: Use a 300ml syringe and cut it down to about half its size, for a 150ml syringe will be too large. Attach the top of the syringe with wire onto a big washer and a screwed-on bolt. The average table height is about 75cm.
PS. I'm now planning to construct a more compact mechanical traveler version.
You’re back !!!

Can you please explain how this works ?

Pretty Please ???
Here's a poor man's compact mechanical version of a Venus 2k DIY for sexy travelers.