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Full Version: Planning for a serious session – a complex, but achieveable idea
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I’ve long thought about how to combine certain elements of my self-bondage play together into a serious session, but I have always struggled to come up with something that would work in the real world (the difference between fantasy and reality! 😟 ) – However, during a long train journey a few weeks ago the germ of an idea popped into my head and as I’ve refined and re-thought some of the details I think I might be onto a winner. 😁


As you can see from my sketch, this session is designed to be a stay bound or suffer scenario, with a few extra twists. 😇

Let’s start with the ‘victim’ (that’s me! 😋 ). I will want to be dressed in my old pantyhose bodysuit plus at least one thick pair of body control tights. I will have my enema plug in my ass (of course!) and will try to encase myself as much as is possible in nylon. My gag will be an old ‘stress ball’ with a hole through the middle and a funnel inserted. To ensure any liquid goes directly into my mouth with no leaks or chance for me to spill/spit it away I will ensure everything is held tight by duct tape. I hope to be wearing high-heeled boots and my black Lycra body, but will decide on that detail later. I’m also thinking about purchasing a cheap pair of body-shaper panties in a size too small for me – the idea of this is that they will ensure the plug stays in place (though I may not need them in this position). I will also be wearing leather wrist cuffs with D-rings over my wrist, which will be encased in two layers of nylon (trusty knee-highs).

The chair I plan to use is stout but I will add a couple of safety struts, to stop me falling over backwards and also hold it at an approximate 45 degree angle – tipping me backwards into a semi-reclined position. I will also extend the back-rest to slightly above head height.
I plan to bind myself securely to the chair legs using rope around ankles and below my knees so that my legs are tied on the outside of the chair, forcing me to be ‘exposed’ (even under layers of nylon and Lycra I still love that sensation). More rope over my thighs and around my waist and torso will ensure I can’t move more than a few millimetres and that I’m held firmly down onto the chair. Only when all my other preparations are complete will I add the blindfold which will not only take away my sight, but will lash my head to the extended chair back further preventing any escape from the ‘forced drink’ I may choose to suffer.

My final bondage will be when I lock my wrist cuffs together behind my back. Here I have two options and I’m still considering which one will be better. The first and simplest option would be to use a good padlock and link the two d-rings together. The second, and more tempting, option is to use my handcuffs to link the cuffs together in the same manner, but then stretch down and snap the second handcuff around a bracing strut between the back legs of the chair further restricting my movements… decisions, decisions! 😉

Now I will be helplessly bound until I can recover one of the two keys – this is the ‘stay bound or suffer’ element.

One key will be frozen in a large block of ice – I would expect it not to melt sufficiently for approximately 2 hours. I can retrieve it by pulling on the purple cord in the picture (for safety one end will be pre-tied to the d-ring of one cuff, ensuring it is always in reach)

The second key is not frozen but instead is tied to the end of a long length of cord (the yellow cord) which again, for safety, has one end will be tied to my cuffs to avoid getting lost. To make matters interesting pulling on that cord will inflict two sufferings upon me.
The first will be a forced drink of something (in container 1 - I’ve got ideas about what that might be, but feel free to add your own if there is a something unique I could try. I’m especially interested in the volume I could consume).

My second and far more dramatic suffering will be the release of an enema (Held in container 2 - I plan to use 1.5l of fluid). This doesn’t sound too dramatic until you stop to think how long it will take me to recover the keys once the enema is released! I’ve used this method before with around 5m of cord and with my fingers encased in multiple layers of nylon it took around 2minutes of frantic fiddling to even get the keys into my hand, then another minute to work the lock open, followed by a manic rush to untie myself and stagger to the toilet. My estimate is that 30m of cord, plus untying time will force me to endure 15-20mins of enema – for me that will be a challenge! (If I’m clumsy, drop the cord and have to start over again… oh dear! Shok )

Ok, so some people might be thinking that this all sounds a bit too easy, after all 2-3hrs of comfortable bondage isn’t so bad and I could get free by letting the ice melt (or even holding it in my hands to melt it faster) and just avoid the suffering.

Well, it’s not quite so simple 😉 :

I will have tied both cords to the same D-ring – this means I’ve placed myself with a 50/50 chance of a forced drink even if I waited the 2hrs (and how will I guess 2hrs have passed when I’m blindfolded?). Worse still I might have pulled too much of the ‘wrong’ cord and started the enema before I tasted the fluid in my mouth and stopped! Fool3

The other factor I’ve not yet described is that I will also be using my cock vibrator on a timer (read about it in a session here).

My cunning plan is to set the timer to start after around 20minutes of helplessness. It has 10 programmes and I will design them so that I get two sessions of 5 cycles around 10min apart, with each session building to a 3min ‘on’ cycle. I am confident that if I can complete the whole series of cycles I will either have reached orgasm at least once or else be so aroused that my desire for orgasm will ‘force’ me to take the quickest escape option and suffer the consequences. Alternatively it is possible that I will climax too quickly and be so ‘tortured’ by the continuing vibrations that I will have to escape and suffer. Either way I am expecting to have to endure some forced fluid intake before I am free.

What do you think of my plan?

Is it achievable or just another day-dream?

Have I missed something important – safety or pleasure?

Could you suggest improvements or alternatives?

Would you be interested to see me attempt this for real (possibility of a ‘Home Alone’ weekend coming up… )?

Love to hear from anyone with anything constructive to say

I think it's very do-able.
I may give it a try one day.
It sounds very good, if you want to add some suffering, you could also construct a mechanism that releases a weight which will pull on your nipples when pulling the cord. I just want to warn you that the forced drinking container should not be placed to high because of the high pressure and the danger of not being able to drink so fast!!!
(31 Aug 2015, 19:20 )schulz Wrote: [ -> ]I just want to warn you that the forced drinking container should not be placed to high because of the high pressure and the danger of not being able to drink so fast!!!

Very good point. It shouldn't be higher, than 10-20cm above your mouth.
(31 Aug 2015, 22:17 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(31 Aug 2015, 19:20 )schulz Wrote: [ -> ]I just want to warn you that the forced drinking container should not be placed to high because of the high pressure and the danger of not being able to drink so fast!!!

Very good point. It shouldn't be higher, than 10-20cm above your mouth.

Oh yes! Been there, done that, got the photos! See my real experience here