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Full Version: Caught masturbating
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whos been caught masturbating.

dont say you dont masturbat, everyone dose.

my wife has caught me plenty of times 😁
Me... Twice.

Details will remain SECERET.
never... at least for now
Only when I was 3yo or something 😁
No, never.
But I take lot of care not to find myself in a position where I might be caught.
I've been caught a few times, a couple times by my parents when I lived at home.
I've also had a few near misses since living with my partner.
Many times. lol. Think it adds to the buzz.
A few times caught masturbating in my leotard and tights.. . . and never by someone I wanted to catch me. It's terrifying and not at all sexy. At least for me.
There are things much worse to be caught doing, so masturbating can be an excuse. 😊

It's too bad that Fappy the anti-masturbation dolphin isn't alive anymore.
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