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Full Version: Fuck Machine
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where would i buy a fuck machine online... any tips
it depends on how much you want to pay for it! i think these are cool!
i need one where i can change the dildo head. 5 cm isnt big enough.
10cm or would be nice
(19 Aug 2014, 08:23 )Tights Wrote: [ -> ]5 cm isnt big enough.
10cm or would be nice

I've been using my hand on my gf for months now. It's so much easier for me because I can stimulate her in ways I don't think would be as easy and controllable with missionary sex. Most girls I've dated in the past pushed my hand away, which I respect and understand, but sometimes it would lead to severe disappointment if, for example, there was some odor that turned me off or noise that broke my concentration.

In any event she uses my hand like a fuck machine and it's usually difficult to find an ending to our "sessions" anytime soon. My right arm gets overly used - not only for that but also for masturbation. At some point down the road I'd love to get her a fuck machine and/or sybian because I think it would be fun regulating it while she is pleasured.
ofcouse diameter
10 CM diameter is this for an elephant or something
6-6.5cm aeady rips me apart. But, OTOH, I do not train...
(25 Aug 2014, 15:39 )NoNeedToBreathe Wrote: [ -> ]10 CM diameter is this for an elephant or something

just for me.

i´ve been streching my cakehole for about 20 years now.. there is a pic in this forum somewhere
Mmmm...20 years. When you eat something does it just squirt right out a few mins later? Do you have to wear diapers?
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