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Full Version: Wearing pantyhose in public
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how many of you pantyhose wearers show yourself in pantyhose in public???
me for one 😁
(09 Aug 2014, 07:47 )Tights Wrote: [ -> ]me for one 😁

All the time in winter; less so in summer. I live in Chicago.
Me, ocassionally, sometimes when riding a bike or visiting a department store.
how many of you go outside in your favorit stuff

i mean in public and not in your back yard or when it night time.
I wear them in public but they are not visible to the public, and frankly that's never going to change.
me..but with my gf...of course we wore same pantyhose...
I haven't done it in awhile but I used to wear navy blue or black pantyhose, women's blouse, women's dress slacks and women's high-heeled loafers to go pantyhose browsing/shopping. I was so excited/nervous the first time I went out until I realized no one seemed to care or notice (except for a few who did a double take).
I do it frequently and I love doing it, a flash of my legs just feels fabulous
I am wearing pantyhose in public and mastubate and like when other can se mee
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