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Full Version: Special Male Strapon Needed
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I found the love of my life not too long ago. She's never had sex before and she knows nothing about the endless sexual pleasures that I have discovered in life but we have been intimate to the point where she allows me to use my hands on her for vaginal stimulation. She will not allow me to penetrate her with my penis but she does allow me to rub my penis on her clitoris. I haven't questioned her about this because I'm really fine with it and frankly I'm not very good at maintaining an erection anyway. I would like to find a strapon that hopefully can provide an outlet at the top for my penis while holding a dong a few inches below with which I can penetrate her. I've seen the vac-u-lock but it has the opening for the penis on the bottom whereas I need the opening at the top 😊 Does anyone have any suggestions?
Ok, let me see if I got this right.
You are looking for a strap on that will allow a dildo to penatrate her, and at the same time, be able to rub your dick on her clit.
Is that right?
Yeah. I know it may sound weird but please understand thats all that would be acceptable to her at this time. I cannot penetrate her and she's not sure if a hollow crock sheath is allowed - still checking on that.

Ra why was this moved to the latex forum?
Maybe you use the vac-u-lock and cut an opening in the Front shield by yourself?

How about this device
(18 Jul 2014, 06:31 )jtr765 Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you use the vac-u-lock and cut an opening in the Front shield by yourself?

How about this device

Well that's a start 😊 I think I may look into the vac-u-lock idea and try to widen the hole as you suggested.
(17 Jul 2014, 23:06 )NoNeedToBreathe Wrote: [ -> ]Ra why was this moved to the latex forum?
I think it was posted there. Moving to the "Insertables" forum (unless you want it somewhere else, just let me know).
I'm looking into the RodeoH!/RodeoH-Bla...ry=3586230 Although this doesn't provide what I was initially seeking she'll still allow me to penetrate her - so long as it's not my actual penis. Would be really nice to find a double-dong that would attach to these.
Arrgh, finally found this thread..... What do you think about this device:

Latex strapon with vibrator


Found in this shop: DE Store: grentzherrmann (they send worldwide)
I don't think I saw this reply in time! Thanks, Ra, for the suggestion. I haven't made much progress on this as I was saddled with some expenses going to Paris, as well as general everyday matters, but I'll check it out. As I click the link now it looks like it's not in stock anymore 😟 In addition to the RodeoH I've also been fantasizing about a strapon like this:

[Image: DJ1051-01_header.jpg]

and then perhaps a hollow sheath around my own cock.

[Image: 18653d1179uezjpg.jpg]

This would allow me to provide double-penetration and I wouldn't have to worry about losing my erection.
I really like that first shot with the plug and penis.
Can't seem to find one.
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