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Full Version: MJ-SB05/2014 – Home alone 3: re-enacting Inspiring Images (part two)
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Some forum regulars will recall that certain images inspire my self-bondage sessions, they can either be true self-bondage, or just a general bondage scene that looks like it could be converted to a self-bondage one. The following describes the second part of a double session where I attempted to see if I could turn an image into a true self-bondage scene for part one click here

70den closed crotch nylon long sleeved bodysuit with sheath
20den control top pantyhose
2 pairs 20den tan tights
4 knee-highs
purple butt plug
High-heeled ankle boots
Black Lycra body
clover nipple clamps
snap-lock clips for cuffs to spreader bar
head harness gag
wrist and ankle cuffs
spreader bar
wooden and plastic poles

The session:

As with my earlier session, what I wanted to do was recreate some of my all-time favourite images from the web in the form of a self-bondage scenario.

A Devious Device

This was based upon a recently discover image which include a little bit of torment (or titillation, depending on personal preferences) and a little bit of engineering.
[attachment=11426] - I want to be there (her) 😁
Dressing came first; off with the Zentai suit (I kept condom, control tights and butt plug in place) and on with my bodysuit, an additional pair of tights, black Lycra body and heels. I didn’t have a single glove, but intended to use another pair of tights (Technique described by Ra here ). I also added a leather cuff around each ankle.

My seat (perch?) for the session was laundry basket (I wanted to have my legs pulled apart when my ankles where raised and this worked better on a wider base), onto this I attached a simple vertical pole (length of wood from the garage) and used a shelf bracket to attach a plastic pipe to form the high horizontal section.
My plan to use the single glove failed miserably; at the time I just couldn’t figure out how to get it to work properly with the vertical pole behind my back, so I abandoned the idea and switched to rope and my faithful wrist coils.

The head harness gag went over a pair of tights encasing my head and I switched on the video before sitting down on the basket, making sure all my toys where close to hand.
I looped the chains through the ankle cuffs and used them to raise both ankles upwards and well off the floor. The chains crossed over my thighs, with the weight of my legs pulling the chain nice and tight.
I used a short chain to link the top of my head-harness to the horizontal bar, then added a padded collar around my neck and the vertical post (not tight, but snug).

Now came the nipple clamps; I tweaked each nipple in turn to ensure the clamps had something to grip onto, before letting the weight of the chain at the end of the horizontal bar start tugging on the clamps as every movement I made caused it to swing.
My penultimate chain went tightly around my waist and the vertical post, further fixing me to the frame of my DIY device. I quickly ensure my arms where encased by pulling 2 knee-highs over each hand.
Searching for my rope wrist coil I found a final chain and, on impulse, used it to add a little more weight and ‘bite’ to my nipple clamp chain (well, who wouldn’t?). I looped the wrist coils behind my waist chain, moved them to the small of my back, inserted my wrists, twisted and was wonderfully bound.
Having both feet off the ground really adds to a self-bondage scene – there is something more ‘helpless’ about being unable to touch the ground and I love it.

The flimsiness (it was only a temporary structure) of my device was obvious, but I discovered that rocking backwards and forwards did bring the double reward of having my nipples tugged and the butt plug worked in my ass. I suddenly wished I was going to be stuck like this for a long time, with my cock vibrator and all the other delights I use in full sessions, but sadly this was not the case... maybe next time?
Even after a short(‘ish) session taking the nipple clamps off can be… challenging! Shout

Spreader bar hogtie

I was really getting into the self-bondage zone and my work diary was finally clear, so as soon as I finished with my device bondage and had sipped some water I was ready for my final re-enactment of the day.
No change in clothing, just a few extra cuffs on wrists and upper arms and I was away.

I tied a semi-karada (is there such a thing?) around my body, with a metal ring positioned around my upper back, and re-fitted the harness gag. Next I started the complex threading of a single long rope through the various d-rings of my cuffs, head harness and body ropes. The pattern can be seen in the images that follow – but the general idea was that I could tighten up the two ends by my wrists to pull my elbows together, create a sort of hog-tie with the spreader bar and pull my wrists together… well, that was the plan!
Locking my ankle cuffs behind me to the spreader bar whilst kneeling on the bed was a fun challenge, really helped by a recent purchase of 10 small snap-lock links (Aldi again) which are neat and easy to use when your hands are encased in two layers of nylon!

Manoeuvring myself to the head of the bed (allowing a safe fall forwards) I started to pull my ropes tight. In theory this should have been easy, but in practise I had a real struggle to even take in some of the slack. I’m still not sure why.

Eventually I was ready to go and slowly leaned further and further forwards until I overbalanced and fell face down onto the bed.
Even though I was aroused by my predicament I wasn’t satisfied by the ‘feeling’ of my self-bondage as it wasn’t anywhere near tight enough, so I decided to start over again.

Trying a slightly different pattern with the rope I managed to get everything tighter this time and within 10 minutes was ready to repeat the fall onto my bed. This is such a scary/arousing moment for me, as I lean further and further forwards, until I pass beyond the point of no return. I’m committed to my fate and have to trust that I’ve got everything right. Though the actual fall takes moments in real time, my head is always buzzing with mixed emotions and thoughts as I tumble helplessly downwards.
On the bed I immediately discovered that once again my bondage was too loose and also that my head harness had partially failed. However the ropes and the spreader bar did allow me to feel helpless enough to thrash around and experiment with my bondage before I finally freed myself.

What went well?
The device bondage session was excellent – I loved the position and really enjoyed the tease of the clamps (I know, claiming I’m not into BDSM but digging the pain! I’m a very contrary person sometimes!). I really, really, want to turn this into a more serious self-bondage session one day soon (ice release, much more robust set-up of poles and so on).

Loved the feet of the floor style – as aeady reported, there is something soooo erotic about having my feet lifted from the floor when I’m bound. It must be that little extra helplessness I feel.

What could be improved?
The spreader hogtie – this should have worked better than it did and I’m still not quite certain why it failed. Possibly I over-complicated the rope-work, or maybe just used the wrong type of ropes? The potential is there for a great session, but more work required figuring out how.

Head harness gag – OK, I brought a cheap one of eBay many years ago and it is simply worn out now. The ‘faux leather’ is stretched, there is no chin strap, the ball is too small and hard (I like ones with a bit of bite to them), there is no d-ring at the top… I could go on, but you get the picture. Looks like I’m in the market for a good quality, leather, head-harness ball gag!

And so ended my afternoon of re-enacting images from the web; it was both great fun and also frustrating in almost equal parts. One thing was for absolute certain, I was now desperately aroused and hell-bent on setting up a proper self-bondage session as soon as I could!

As always I hope you enjoy the re-telling and photos of my session as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Play safe

Another great post!

(10 Jun 2014, 21:08 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ][Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=11426] - I want to be there (her)
Yes, very interesting bondage position. Never seen this photo before.