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Full Version: don't likes ( about women )
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want dont you like about women

1. no good at drinking beer
2. got no cock
3. allways nattering
4. most got long hair
5. some wear mens stuff. why arnt they called crossdressers

any more ?
Mood swings?
And they don't keep their mouths shut when they should.

But there a lot of good things about women too.
yes mood swings
But women are soft and squishy. And because of that, they can hold ropes well. Also, some do have a waist that allow you hold on to. And it's somewhat hard for them to get away once you get your ropes around their waist.
(10 Jun 2014, 10:57 )Tights Wrote: [ -> ]1. no good at drinking beer
I do not drink beer either
(10 Jun 2014, 10:57 )Tights Wrote: [ -> ]4. most got long hair
Not bad at all. Ponytails is one of my fetishes 😉
heres one thats a pest

she always steals my tights and wears them.
why dont she wear hers
(14 Jun 2014, 12:31 )Tights Wrote: [ -> ]she always steals my tights and wears them.
LOL!!! 😁

It would be very convenient to have the same size. In our family we have three different ones - S,M,L (daughter, wife, me) 😁 So you have to keep track which ones are whose 😁
no. she like wear mine cause she likes to pull up over tits.. thats why
You stated that your gay, but you have a girl that likes to wear your tights? Ok, but if your are gay, and you want to be female, then you won't be gay anymore. You'll just be that, that you hate the most, a female.

So, you don't like females, but you want to be female.
And you want to be female so that when you look in the mirror,
you can dislike or hate the same person that you have become?

All this is for what now?
ill send you a pm what going tinker
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