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Full Version: 750/250 CC double balloon enema nozzle
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I just received my new silicone 750/250 CC double balloon enema nozzle from It appears to be well-made and it works.

But, the monster is almost too big for my body. It measures 6 1/2 inches from tip to the base of the main balloon. Getting it far enough in to inflate takes time and a lot of patience. It works best if I flush my rectum before inserting. Even then, the tip pushes hard against my sigmoid flexure.

Next time, I'll order the smaller, but quite substantial, 500/250 cc device. ❗

Anybody have any experience with the 750/250 CC double inflatable balloon nozzle?
I've seen similar complaints on various forums - 750 is too big to be comfortable, and it must be fully inflated to be effective. I have a 500/250 silicone double balloon enema nozzle which breaks (holes in the air path) periodically. What also corresponds to the general experience.

The general consensus is to go for latex (more comfortable and reliable) instead of silicone. I haven't tried latex inflatable enema plug yet, probably need to buy one. OTOH, the latex version is probably a bit too small.

So... The world is not perfect ...
I've used a latex double balloon enema nozzle from Klystra for years. It's a lot smaller than my new 750 cc monster, but it works better.

The latex nozzle is MUCH more comfortable and it provides adequate retention. For example, I used the latex double balloon enema nozzle for the 3-liter scene I did with your aquarium pump design. The inflated nozzle stayed in and comfortable through the overnight part and the quick 3-liter fill. (I did have to be careful as I stood up and made my way to the loo, even with the inflated balloon nozzle still in place.)

I don't think that the 750cc nozzle would have worked for that scene -- too big, too tight and too uncomfortable.
Partial fix for the "too big" double balloon enema nozzle: I cut the tip back about 1 inch to the collar that holds the balloon to the main tube. The balloon still works and the nozzle is much more comfortable.

The only difference now is that I have to pull back slightly on the main tube to get water flowing. Once a little water is in, the nozzle works quite well.

Fully inflated, the 750 cc nozzle is still a little big, but the fix is better than throwing the monster away.
Aha, thanks for the tip! Indeed, it's too bloody expensive to be thrown away.

Probably the nozzle (the part from the big balloon to the tip) could have been made longer to get into the sigmoid. Is it possible to get a thinner tube tightly inside the main tube, or vice versa make the main tube longer with a some kind of tube extension?
That's a great idea! A longer, flexible tube could pass the sigmoid flexure and allow fluid more directly into the bowel. I would think that design would be much more comfortable than the standard balloon.