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Full Version: MJ-SB03/2014 – Home alone 2: Chained to the bed
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After my first ‘home-alone’ session my desire for some ‘proper’ inescapable self-bondage was heightened and I just had to break-out the ice-cubes and rope ratchet

70den closed crotch nylon long sleeved bodysuit with sheath
3 pairs 20den tan tights
12 knee-highs
purple butt plug
High-heeled ankle boots
Black Lycra body
Rope ratchet
Ice-cubes and detergent bag
ball gag
Home-made cock vibrator
Digital timer

The session:

As posted elsewhere my new butt-plugs had arrived with the morning post and being the pervert that I am I’d spent nearly all of the day with the cock shaped one in my ass and wearing tights. This all meant that by the evening I was very aroused and desperate for a good session.
My plan was to bind myself, encased in pantyhose and wearing both my ankle boots and Lycra dress, in a comfortable position on the bed. I would of course be plugged and I wanted to add in the cock vibrator again. I would use an ice-cube release combined with a rope ratchet to ensure I stayed inescapably bound for some time.

[attachment=11301]- ready for the session

First in was my new purple butt-plug, which though not much bigger than others I’ve ‘worn’ somehow feels very different inside me (in a good way) and seems to fill me more completely... which is nice. Next was a condom over my very erect cock, followed by my nylon bodysuit.
The cock vibrator was now secured in place suing the same method I described here. I followed that with 3 pairs (yes I am a pervert!) of tan tights I’d had for ages and never worn. Now I love the smell of new tights, it’s so evocative of adventures in my past (pause for the author to have flashbacks and an instant erection) Over all that I pulled on my old faithful black body and the new dress, finishing off with my high-heeled boots. I was now ready to begin the bondage.

The set-up on the bed involved using 2 chains (dog leads brought very cheaply years ago) fixed to the head-board, one to the foot-board and the 4th halfway down one side (see photo). I’d pre-prepared loops of rope for my chest and wrists, plus the all-important rope ratchet and ice-cube release.

[attachment=11302] - ratchet and release

The ratchet and release set-up is quite simple, but very effective. I secure a small metal ring to a solid point (in this case the bottom of a book-shelf). Next I tie a small laundry bag (actually intended to use in washing machines to hold the powder tablets – but I’m sure a stocking/knee-high would work just as well) to the rope ratchet. The bag is passed through the metal ring and then the ice-cubes added (I used a single cube which at ~20C kept me helpless for nearly 30mins). The bag now can’t be pulled back through the ring until the ice has melted and acts as a very strong tether point for the ratchet. Also in the picture is the insulated mug I keep my ice in, the towel to protect the floor from any water and my cock vibrator (the pink thing). One more point is that although the set-up appears to have some weak-points I’ve never yet managed to break it, despite some very enthusiastic tugging.

With all my chains, ropes, cameras and such set-up I was ready to begin my bondage. As in my last session I used knee-highs and a ball to gag myself and encase my head – I also added ear-plugs to bring the extra sensory deprivation that I enjoy. Aeady my vision was blurred by multiple nylon layers, my hearing muted, my breathing restricted and my voice limited to grunts.
My legs where quickly secured with rope, using multiple wraps around booted feet, ankles, and below my knees, all cinched tightly.

[attachment=11303][attachment=11304]- legs bound and gagged

A simple harness (not a full karada) around my waist and shoulders meant I could add in a semi-hogtie to pull my bound ankles backwards and towards my waist.

[attachment=11305][attachment=11306][attachment=11307]- hog-tied and chained

I used the chains the secure myself on the bed, one to my knee rope, another to my ankles and third to my waist rope. These chains worked effectively to restrict my movements on the bed. I made sure that my cock vibrator was plugged into the timer and noted (I could just about see though multiple layers of nylon) that I had 10minutes before the first cycle would begin.

Next I struggled into the rope coils for my chest, trapping my arms to my body and adding in the final chain to further limit my freedom. Now I was approaching the final phase of my set-up. Firstly I encased my hands and arms in knee-highs (leaving only a small area around my neck uncovered – will need to address that sometime soon! I crave full encasement) and then the ultimate stage.

[attachment=11308][attachment=11309]- chest coils

I slipped my wrists into the pre-prepared coils, with a looped cinch aeady in place. Then, by pulling on the ratchet rope I slowly tightened up my wrist bondage.

[attachment=11310][attachment=11311][attachment=11312][attachment=11313][attachment=11314]- wrists

Even with the ear plugs in I could still hear the ‘click, click, click’ of the ratchet, initially nothing seemed to change but quickly my wrists began to be pulled together and then towards the secured ratchet. Each tug on the rope ratchet resulted in my helplessness increasing, alongside my arousal. Even when it pulled tight I couldn’t resist several more desperate tugs to try and make it just that little bit tighter. The rope cinching my wrists was trying to pull them away from my body, but the chest ropes prevented that and the chains stopped my whole body from moving forwards.

[attachment=11315][attachment=11316][attachment=11317][attachment=11318]- helpless at last

Finally I was well and truly helpless and stuck until the ice melted – oh what happy bliss, what erotic overload, what ecstasy of helplessness!

There is something special about that first moment of helplessness that never leaves me – I’m stuck, I can’t get free, I have to remain as I am until freedom is given to me (ok, in this case by the melting ice, but that’s not really the point!). As always I spent the first few minutes just revelling in my helplessness before, again as always, starting to test my bondage for weakness and an escape. Finding none, maybe wanting none, I relaxed again and started to fantasise.

Now, my fantasies when I’m in self-bondage always start off nice and simple (not vanilla, but nothing too strong) so I was pleasantly enjoying a moment of imagination when the first vibrator cycle began. My initial reaction was surprise, which probably explains why when the cycle stopped 1min later I was simply highly aroused.
My arousal however started to fuel my fantasies and so the second cycle was much more challenging and caused me to ‘air-fuck’ (I can’t think of a better phrase to describe thrusting my hips and cock back and forth against nothing) frantically with no success and left me in a desperately frustrated state when the cycle ended.
Now I was on a full-blown ‘sub trip’ – I was imagining some of my deepest and darkest desires, lost in a world of my own. Creating scenes in my mind of delightful depravity and causing my encased and bound cock to become achingly erect.
When the third cycle cut in I guess it was inevitable that I would have an explosive orgasm as the vibrations stimulated my trapped cock. I was shocked when I watched the video back at how noisily I came – thankfully the gag did muffle me a bit!

[attachment=11319]- the moment of orgasm! BlushBlush

And so my session was almost complete, I suffered, if that is the right word, another two cycles before I felt the ratchet suddenly loosened and I was on the road to freedom. It did require nearly 10 more minutes to disentangle myself from the bed and 2 more cycles of the vibrator before I was able to free myself enough to unplug the tormenting device.

What went well?
The vibrator again – there is nothing quite like an HFO when you’re helplessly bound, especially if you get some serious teasing/frustration first. The noise I made (I promise to find the time to share the video) amazed even me and just showed how much I needed to cum at that point. Blush

The rope ratchet – such a simple thing but so much better than the SRD I used to use. It has proved reliable and simple to use, with none of the problems I had with an SRD, so is now my first choice for self-bondage sessions. There is also something about the noise it makes as you pull the rope through (that ‘click, click, click’) that adds a special thrill to my sessions. I know that each click takes me that much closer to helplessness ( the SRD was silent in use). And it is such a positive mechanism, once you have progressed a click there is no going back at all, no slight slippage or anything (I guess it is like handcuffs or locks clicking in that respect).

The chains – I’m not a great fan of chains, but in this session they worked well. Unlike ropes there is no flex or stretch and that was exactly what I wanted and got.

What could be improved?
The wrist bondage – looking back at the video it was all a bit untidy and appeared loose. I suspect I could have freed myself had I really wanted to and that is a bit of a disappointment. I need to work on an improved method that is:
A) still easy to apply with encased hands
B) looks more aesthetically pleasing
C) hold my wrists more tightly
D) is still comfortable and safe for long duration sessions.

Surely that is going to be a simple enough challenge?

Full encasement – that bare neck really annoyed me when looked back through the video. I could and should have been more thoughtful in my encasement and I will work on a solution that satisfies my desires. The challenge will be to allow my hands to remain uncovered right up until the last moment and also not restrict my vision too much ( I need to see what I’m doing for most of the set-up).

Chest ropes – They did work, but not as well as I’d wanted. In my sessions there is always a trade-off between being able to finish off my bondage and binding my chest and upper arms effectively. My legs are not a problem – I can tie those as tight as I wish, but still wriggle and move around to get into position. It is when I bind my upper body that things get more troublesome. If anyone has ideas or suggestions please feel free to share (videos or photos are even better if you have any) – so what I’m seeking is a simple, but effective way to bind my arms above the elbows, tight to my body (I think – maybe that’s where I’m going wrong?) but still have enough freedom to complete my bondage in session like this one. Oh, and of course, the method needs to be safe and comfortable for anywhere between 30mins and 2hours, plus it must be secure enough to withstand my thrashing around and also easy to remove when I need to be free… simples eh? 🤔

As always I hope you enjoy the re-telling and photos of my session as much as I enjoyed doing it.

Play safe

Whooh! What a post! Immediately made a backup just in case 😉
I've managed to finally convert one of the videos I took of this session into a format I can edit... sort of!

Chained to bed - orgasm

If you are alone or wearing headphones I'm particularly pleased with the audio captured with the video. My experience was of near silence, but the reality wasn't quite like that! Blush

Thank goodness I was gagged! 😁

The conversion has, for some bizarre reason, altered the colour and makes it look odd, sorry about that!


Oooooh.... that was brilliant! EOTD!!!
(05 Nov 2014, 16:40 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Oooooh.... that was brilliant! EOTD!!!

It was rather intense and the EOTD for me goes without saying 😁

(06 Nov 2014, 15:50 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]
(05 Nov 2014, 16:40 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Oooooh.... that was brilliant! EOTD!!!

It was rather intense and the EOTD for me goes without saying 😁


Another thought has just popped into my head....

You say it was your EOTD - correct?

Errr.... did you do anything about that EOTD????

Slight risk of an ego trip if I've become a bathroom 'hand fantasy', if you know what I mean... Blush

"The video was deleted" ???
Well that's a first - someone on XTube has complained and it was deleted! 🤔

Given some of the videos on the site I am, frankly, astonished. Shok

I have emailed the site and await their response - hopefully it is something simple, but we will see.

(06 Nov 2014, 18:18 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]You say it was your EOTD - correct?
Yes 😉
(06 Nov 2014, 18:18 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Errr.... did you do anything about that EOTD????
No, did not have an opportunity 😉
(06 Nov 2014, 18:18 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Slight risk of an ego trip if I've become a bathroom 'hand fantasy'
Being someone's "hand fantasy" is aeady an EOTD.
(06 Nov 2014, 18:18 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Another thought has just popped into my head
Yes, there was another meaning of my mentioning EOTD - you do have quite an erection in that video, don't you? 😋
(06 Nov 2014, 23:26 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]someone on XTube has complained and it was deleted!
Or just clicked a wrong link by mistake. No response - just repost it.
This video was deleted!
Please sent on likera please, i want to see!
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