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The discussion started here:
Hi all

To once again save your poor fingers getting worn out by clicking through the links, I've copied and pasted the words relating to inverted enemas below:

I’ll start with Doubleflash’s entry from July 6th 2009:
The idea is hot, but wrist suspension is hard to do without injury. The drop illustrated in the cartoon would almost certainly shoulders the shoulders or wrists.

My personal best results have been with suspension cuffs made from soft 2in. nylon webbing. I’ve tried them for SB and with subs. I’ve never gotten great results with SB, yet. With the right padding and careful tying, a couple subs have been able to enjoy wrist suspension for a few minutes. There’s just too much strain on wrists and shoulders for longer scenes.

Ankle suspension is a whole different deal. That can be great for SB! I use the same soft, 2 inch nylon straps to bind my ankles. I attach a set of double-block pulleys that give a 4:1 mechanical advantage. The other end of the pulley set is anchored to a beam in my garage. It’s easy to pull my bound ankles high enough to just let my head clear the floor. I tie the free end of the rope to an electric door lock that’s anchored to the floor. (The door lock is timed to release the rope in about 10 minutes.) Then I cuff my hands behind my back. The cuff keys are on the floor.

The risks include having the rope tangle as it runs through the pulley system, and having the lock release unexpectedly, dropping me on my head. (I keep my head almost touching the floor and keep a pad under my head.) I suspect that staying suspended upside down for long could induce blackouts. I do feel a lot of pressure in my head after a few minutes.

The next SB experiment involves a double balloon enema nozzle and a medium-large enema bag… An upside down enema might be interesting, but I’ve still got some planning to do before I’ll ready to try it.

Anybody else played with SB ankle suspension?

doubleflash wrote:
I suspect that staying suspended upside down for long could induce blackouts. I do feel a lot of pressure in my head after a few minutes.
Yes, this is exactly why I’m afraid of ankle suspension. But the following:

doubleflash wrote:
An upside down enema

is one of my secret desires 😉

doubleflash wrote:
Anybody else played with SB ankle suspension?
The Japanese suspend horizontally spreading the pressure points along the rope harness and the whole body. Probably this is the most safe suspension type, However, self-bondage would be very difficult. Though not impossible.

What about one rope going back and forward between rolls on one rail and a rope harness? It can be tightened with one pull. The release method must avoid:

doubleflash wrote:
The risks include having the rope tangle as it runs through the pulley system, and having the lock release unexpectedly, dropping me on my head.


Lots of good ideas and thoughts here – could be continued across in the ’suspension self-bondage’ thread on the forum?

Doubleflash: you talked about an inverted/upside down enema. Have a care – I’ve read conflicting advice on this, some saying it’s very risky, others claiming it to be great. Like Ra, I have the fantasy, but want to play it safe. This link shows a self bondage inverted enema (It is not my scene, but found it when investigating the safety of an inverted enema)

Play safe

Madjack wrote:
could be continued across in the ’suspension self-bondage’ thread on the forum?
Totally agree. This is the link just in case:

Madjack wrote:
This link shows a self bondage inverted enema
Nice one! This is probably the safest way – she’s not fully suspended. But look at her face. Got red pretty quickly

Cool link to the inverted enema.

Madjack is right. The information on inverted enemas is wildly conflicting. I’m going to gradually try different configurations and volumes to see how it goes. This may turn out to be one of those “too close to the edge” things. But, the research should be delightful 😉

I still need to work through some safety and backup release issues for the basic self suspension before I add water.

Should we move this thread somewhere more appropriate?

..and, once again, here we are!😁

Minor editing along the way – but hope to have the gist of it all


I wonder if we could get some new smilies for enemas?

Inverted suspension bondage could be 😡 !
Cheers Madjack!
My "research" in inverted enema is moving along. Here's a progress report.

First a bit of history. As best I can tell from sketchy and probably fanciful accounts, inverted enemas were somewhat popular as a method of torture in the Dark Ages. The victim was generally force fed water until her stomach was completely full. Then she was suspended, legs spread, and her bowels filled using a long tube with a huge retention device. Once her gut was completely filled, she was bounced in her inverted position until her waterlogged guts burst or she had endured enough pain to make her captors happy. That sounds like a jerkoff story more than history, but who knows... In any case, pain was not what this "research" was about.

After my first sessions, I can say, that while inverted, it is very easy to take 2 liters. There is no pressure, no urge to evacuate, nothing but a full, heavy feeling; until you're down. (Then things change!) So, maybe the inverted position would let you take a large enough volume to do damage. For this project, that's a safety issue rather than a goal.

The setup I used was a simple 3:1 pulley system and a cord lock from my climbing hardware. I hung the pulley system from a sturdy beam in my garage.

I used soft, 2 inch nylon webbing to bind my ankles. I doubled an 11 mm rope loosly around my waist and attached a carabiner with the cord lock. I used a large carabiner to attach my ankles to the lower pulley. The haul rope from the pulley system threaded through the cord lock.

This setup lets me haul my ankles upward, until I'm fully inverted. Then I can lock the cord and stay inverted.

I just pulled myself high enough for my shoulders to touch the floor. That way, I could cut the cord with my backup knife and not worry about dropping head first to the floor.

My enema setup was pretty standard: one-gallon red bag, 6 feet of red rubber tubing, stainless steel spring clamp, and my favorite 1 1/4 inch diameter retention nozzle. I hung the bulging bag so it would be at about the same level as my suspended feet.

For this experiment, I measured 2 liters of 105 degree (F) water into the bag and flushed the air out of the tubing.

I lubed my ass and inserted the nozzle. Then I sat down and bound my ankles, clipped the ankle webbing to the pulley system and hauled my ankles up until I was inverted. The nozzle moved around delightfully the whole time. 😊

Then I released the spring clip and let a little water flow. The sensation was a little more intense than taking an enema in the ass-up-chest-down position. I had to stop the flow a few times to let my gut adjust to the volume and high flow rate. After a few seconds, water was flowing in painlessly and I just let it go.

The 2 liters flowed in quickly, about 90 seconds. The sensation was quite different from a normal enema. I could definitely feel the warm water filling my transverse colon. It felt heavy, but not uncomfortable. My belly bulged more than normal. I could imagine a high-volume enema weighing very heavily on your gut and diaphram.

After the water was all in, I unlocked the pulley cord and slowly lowered my ankles. Then the sensations really changed. My gut apparently was surprised. I felt an almost unmanageable urge to evacuate. But, since I was in my garage rather than a bathroom, I had to negotiate an open stretch of lawn and get into my house. That meant that I had to pull on my pants walk across the lawn to the house.

That was a problem. I was losing the battle with the urge to go. I found a shop rag and improvised a butt plug -- not pretty, but it worked. I pulled on my pants on and walked, rather awkwardly, to the house.

After evacuating and cleaning up, I went back to the garage and noticed that I still had 2 liters of warm water left. So naturally, I tried it again. The results were the same, except that I was ready with a good-sized butt plug.

Next steps: I'm going to wait a couple days to let my body have a break. Then I'm going to try 2.5 -- 3 liters, if the filling process stays painless. I may also try staying suspended for a while longer to see how that feels.

What could go wrong? Overfilling may be a serious hazard. I'm going to fill myself in small increments and lower myself slowly to prevent pressure from building in my gut. At this point, I think that risk is managable, at least for me. I apparently have a pretty sturdy intestine. Someone with diverticulosis or a similar condition may be in dangerous territory here.

My huge urge to evacuate may have been just something my body did today or it may be typical of inverted enemas -- don't know yet. But, at this point, I'm not going to try adding soap or glycerine to make that problem any more difficult.

The pulley system, as I've set it up, works well. But, pulley systems are notoriously finicky about rope diameter and release rates. A different pulley system may become tangled, leaving you dangling by your heels. That can be deadly.

So far, this has been a lot of fun and safe enough. We'll see what happens next. 😁

Ra, once I've tried this a few more times, I'll take pictures. I may create a set of instructions like the one I did for impaling.
Nice one, DoubleFlash! Very impressive!

Two things I noticed while reading:

o- You mentioned a retention nozzle. Why did you need a butt-plug to prevent leaking? Why could not you use the nozzle?

o- Probably you can use a bucket instead of going back to the house. What do you think?
Hey DoubleFlash - well done!

Sounds like a fun session and some learning too 😊

Like you I'd read the piece about 'torture' (the very kind Ra has provided a link to the same source) and admit to being very nervous about attempting something that carried such dire warnings!

You're much braver than I, and I salute you for it.

Would love to see how you rig up your suspension (words can only describe so much, but are much better for the 'feelings' we enjoy) - maybe one for the 'suspension' thread if you can post some photos?

Excellent submisson - keep 'em comming!

(21 Jul 2009, 02:01 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Nice one, DoubleFlash! Very impressive!

Two things I noticed while reading:

o- You mentioned a retention nozzle. Why did you need a butt-plug to prevent leaking? Why could not you use the nozzle?

o- Probably you can use a bucket instead of going back to the house. What do you think?

Hi Ra,

That retention nozzle is just a personal favorite. I hadn't expected the huge urge to evacuate, so I hadn't thought through how to handle it. When I had to deal with it, I was just making things up, frantically.

I think that the nozzle would work as well as a butt plug, if I can plug the inlet. I have to get across an open lawn, so what ever I use should be concealed under normal clothes. Keeping the hose and bag attached to the nozzle might be a little too conspicious. (It seems a bit funny to talk about "normal" in this context... 😉 )

A bucket would work. I'll have one on hand as a backup for the next try. I'd prefer to keep clean up to a minimum and aesthetics reasonably high, if I can -- just personal preference. So, if I can avoid using a bucket, that would be better.
Sure, it depends on the nozzle. If it's got a long soft pipe you can disconnect it from the bag and close it with a clamp.

Aesthetically - I totally agree 😉
The research continues.

For this session, I used the basically same setup as before: pulley system; one gallong bag, 6 ft. hose; 1-1/4 inch retention nozzle; 2 in. soft nylon ankle strap, loose waist band with a cord lock.

The differences: 4:1 pulley setup and 3 liters of water. At Ra's suggestion, I brought in a bucket as a backup. Good idea as it turns out.

I ran through about the same inserting, binding and raising as before. The 4:1 pulley system uses a 9mm rope that was easier to manage.

3 liters made a difference. I was VERY full. While suspended, I could manage the water, but it was uncomfortable. As I lowered myself, the bending and exertion made retaining the water almost impossible. I made it to the bucket -- just.

I think I'm done with this experiment. For me, 3 liters of water while inverted is borderline dangerous. It's interesting, but not enough to justify the risk.

I can certainly imagine inverted enemas being used for torture. Another liter or so and I would have been in agony, at best. Being bounced up and down while tauntly filled would be excruciating or perhaps deadly.

So, it's off to think of another experiment.... 😁 Any ideas?
Hmmm... Ideas ...

What also makes enemas interesting (at least for me) is the water flow. In and out, inside and outside.

In one fetish/bondage fiction story I read about a big vertically mounted wheel a person is bound to. When wheel rotates the person either receives inverted enema (when he's upside down) or lets the water go (when he's in normal position). So the flow is constant: in-out-in-out.

Probably instead of a person, the enema bag can be either lowered or pulled up by a wheel, rope, lever or something like that.

Since the water will be the same all the time (of course, some water will be absorbed), it would be a good idea to clean the bowels in advance. If the absorption can be kept reasonable (e.g. using salty water) it does not sound dangerous, because the volume will not increase (same water, same volume).

A slight variation of the inverted enema is using a tilted board (at ~45°), for example, a bodybuilding/fitness decline bench.
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