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Full Version: Slave training for Mac?
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I would to try a software to use on with my boyfriend. Something like slave/sub training... But it's have to work on recent Mac (Mountain Lion or Maverick).

I see some of these kind of software for Windows, but I didn't find Mac versions...

Someone aeady find one?
Use Bootcamp!
I do not intend to use bootcamp (and installing that creepy window) only for a software. I looking for some pervert who using the same system of mine and have create (or found) bdsm apps.
Creepy? Your worried about creepy?
I think 90% of the world thinks what I do is creepy.
I like to be in costume when doing self bondage, and while that in itself is not creepy, it's the choice of costumes I like to wear that would be the creepy part. Still looking for a Furrie suit that is skin tight.

But if you think Bootcamp is creepy, try Gorcamp. Bootcamp is nothing.
I saw Gorcamp many years ago, and said " No way in sun's hell."