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Full Version: Fetish, beauty and sport
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Do you follow Sochi 2014 Olympics? Or did you spot a photo, a video, a drawing or a sport related story that made you immediately think of this site? Please share!

It should not necessarily be a hogtied figure skater in a shiny leotard and pantyhose (but please post if you find any ;P), but, for example, a cute girl you can't keep your eyes off, but related to a sport event.

Do not forget to comment the photos you are posting.
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Let's start with something I've just stumbled upon:

[attachment=10056] Russian curling team. Ain't they beautiful?

[attachment=10057] Olga Graf. She forgot that she had nothing underneath the skate-suit and pulled the zip slider down 😉 By the way, look at the "stockings" part of the suit- it's made from white semi-transparent lycra.
Olympic commercial from Norway:

Women in hockey gear really turn me on, and they're usually gorgeous. Japan is no exception. Here are vids, pics, and a feel-good story.
Easy ones for the ice-skating (though I would argue it's not a sport!)

[attachment=10059][attachment=10060] - both of these are asking to be part of a humorous caption competition! 😁

But the absolute stand-out of Sochi so far must be the 'flower girls' at the award ceremonies...

[attachment=10061] - hubba-hubba! They are gorgeous 💓

Skeleton looks very fetishy-bondagy:


What a view... Reminds me a couple of drawings (can't find one of them, will post later):

(12 Feb 2014, 15:53 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]the ice-skating
I think it deserves a dedicated thread, like aerobics 😉
(12 Feb 2014, 21:19 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Reminds me a couple of drawings

Ah, found it:


By Argrim:
Yes, seen this one on TV, very erotic, thanks! 😁
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