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Full Version: Suggestions for: Vegan Black Flats?
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I've been dating a girl for a while now and I'd really like to get her some sexy flats. She's not into domination or pantyhose or anything that I discuss here on the forum, and in fact she's a virgin, so I have to be extremely careful how I go about this. I'm just going to get her a little something and see how it works out, and if she doesn't like it then I'll just quit cold turkey because aside from sex she's into pretty much everything else I'm into and that type of cohesion is really difficult to find.

But, she is a school teacher and does wear the typical office-worker-type outfit with the nice dress shirt and pants. So, I think there's an opportunity here to give her something nice to wear while at the same time giving me a much-needed boner. One other stipulation - she's a vegetarian and she doesn't wear leather. So, a lot of the cute sexy flats (or kitten heels) I typically wack off to on Zappos are pretty much out of the question.

I've done some googling using the term "vegan heels" or "vegetarian heels" but I've been unable to find what I'm seeking. A while back there was a really nice pair of flats on ebay made by "I Love Billy" and the poster specifically stated something along the lines of "these are a nice pair of cute, pointy-toe pumps that work for any occasion" and the inside sole was just orgasmic. But I can't seem to find that post anymore 😟

So I give you this as a guide - does anyone know of any non-leather flats or kitten heels in black like this:
eBay: Women Casual Flat Shoes SADLER-S

Extra points if you find a black interior sole as well. Thanks!
What about Pleaser?

eBay: pleaser (flat,flats) shoes -(boots,kids)

The description says: "Material: Vegan"

PS: I've never heard of vegan shoes before, probably because I'm too far from being a vegan...
(21 Jan 2014, 15:25 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]...probably because I'm too far from being a vegan...

It's a far too perverse and unnatural practice for me too... 😉

There are quite a lot of vegan shoes on Etsy but most are second-hand (or 'vintage' as they like to call it) and scarcely the sort of thing you'd buy as a gift.
I didn't realize etsy was a retailer of shoes. In fact my gf talked about etsy because she makes crafts and she knows etsy as a popular retailer of crafts.

Looking at the Pleaser shoes and that just may very well do it! She likes pirate stuff so I found these which may serve well to please both of us:

eBay: Pleaser pirate flats shoes


Strange that my first pair of heels came from Pleaser, and her first pair of classy flats may be from there as well 😊 I know the buckle may be a little less sexy but it's better than what she currently wears! Thanks for the tip Ra!
Melissa have lots of styles of rubber flats.
I've actually hit the jackpot in terms of shoes. I've been dating a girl since Dec and at first she never wore anything sexy and she told me that she did have a bad knee so I just kind of accepted that I'd never see a heel. Well one day while using my phone she found I searched for "stilettowomanbbw" in youtube and asked me about it. I was, of course, embarrassed but I explained (very slowly and tactfully) that I just appreciated femininity and I thought shoes were nice as opposed to converse rubber-toe sneakers. She was very kind about it and said to get her some and she'll try it out. I expressed to her several times that it really was not a deal breaker for me and that she as a person was much more important than anything and I truly mean that.

Summarily she was very open to the idea and I have yet to buy some but I found some good synthetic flats on amazon that I'll be getting for her. I'm giving it some time - I don't want to act on this quickly and force the issue - but I'll be getting her those flats w/ the buckle to start. She's a wiccan and she likes pirates so it fits her style. She really is fantastic and this is just icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. Not sure how well she'll like them - she's more of a rounded toe girl than a pointy one - but we'll see. She was at the mall with me and bought some chinese laundry wedges on a whim and found them very comfortable (only like 2 inches).

Anyway I haven't posted much lately because I'm always with her. Getting her to wear shoes looks like it may be a success. I wonder how I can tactfully get her interested in the idea of using a strapon on me...
(13 May 2014, 05:48 )NoNeedToBreathe Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway I haven't posted much lately because I'm always with her.
Very understandable 😉

(13 May 2014, 05:48 )NoNeedToBreathe Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder how I can tactfully get her interested in the idea of using a strapon on me...
Apparently your tact and tactic work, so fingers crossed 😋 Good luck!
Just ordered three pairs today and some Hane's Silk Reflections knee-highs. As the summer warms up I don't expect her to be wearing thick, silky knee-high pantyhose but we'll see if they fit ok. Just need to find some nice dress pants so she can complete the "classy look".
Thanks for the suggestions.  Just thought I'd drop by to state that Hanes Silk Reflections knee-highs are an extremely thin denier hence they don't last very long, stretch out easily, and aren't ideal for retaining foot oder (if that's of any interest to you).  Found some nice CK's that my gf loves and they're perfect for giving her foot rubs.

I'm wondering if anyone can help me find the below styles in a non-leather (or synthetic) material as my girlfriend refuses to wear leather.  I'm looking for the exact same colour, style, and heel height or as close to it as possible.  I actually ordered these by mistake and had to send them back.

[Image: 51tqDzYrCaL._UL1500_.jpg]  (actually would prefer a matching black-coloured insole but whatever works)

[Image: 51yX1hAee8L._UL1500_.jpg]

These meet her criteria but I can never find them in stock.
[Image: 9112098.jpg]
Found some...not sure why they weren't showing up in Amazon before but got my gf a nice pair of kitten heels to walk on me and some flats for when we go out or around the apartment.

[Image: 71kKphKP-rL._UL1500_.jpg]

[Image: 51tmdNmE-WL._UL1500_.jpg]
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