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Full Version: Latex Felice
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Okay Lets see if I got it right this time. I ripped this site in May of 2008. The site still exists but it has changed a lot most of the pics I got are no longer there and there is a lot of new stuff. This is the site addy: Here it is translated by Google Translate:
The first set is Exciting Riding 12 pics.
The second set is Dirty Pair Yuri & Kei enjoy fetish play al fresco 3 pics.
The fourth set is Gift for Mr. Kikusu 4 pics.
I'll see if people like this before I put up more this is only a small number of the pics I took from this site.
Ok, better.
Is it me, or does the two that are bound are the same in a number on pics, except that the backgrounds are different.

Yea, background is different.
Girls are the same. Pose and all.

Love the outfit in the first picture.
Please remove duplicate pictures with the same subject but different background.
(08 Jan 2014, 22:21 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Please remove duplicate pictures with the same subject but different background.
I've been a bit busy as of late so I have been somewhat neglectful. Lets see if this works better. Here is another set from that site: CC Sakura 16 pics lots of latex.
Here is another set of 16 pics: Gift from Mr. Masakazu Shimizu
Whizbang, you do not read my posts do you? 😁

(18 Jan 2014, 10:06 )whizbang Wrote: [ -> ]Mr. Masakazu Shimizu

o- It's not related to the subject "Latex Felice"

o- Did you search the site for Masakazu Shimizu?

Begin with this thread: Drawings by Masakazu Shimizu