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Full Version: What do your children know about your fetishes?
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You may remember these two polls (please vote, if you haven't yet):

Are you married? Do you live alone?
Do you have kids?

There is a separate thread for partners and fetishes:

Partners involvement in your fetish and how to tell others

But do your KIDS know about your fetishes? What do they know? Do you, for example, wear fetish clothes at home or in public? Did they discover your toybox? Do you do anything to prevent embarrassing discoveries? What would you say, should they ask you about "rubber penis in the wardrobe"?

Usually we underestimate our children and they are aware of much more than we think...
About my kids. They know about pantyhose and swimsuits (I wear them publicly). They know that I like latex, high heels and bondage (not sure that they know that I like to be bound or about self-bondage, though). My daughter discovered our toybox years ago (see the link above), so she must know more 😁
According to the browser history they have not visited yet ...
I think this will come sooner or later, especially because your site can be discovered easily.
(17 Dec 2013, 16:43 )B1u3 Wrote: [ -> ]your site can be discovered easily
Depends on the search queries...
Yep, sure. Maybe you should give a hint 😁
Nah... I would prefer to avoid this for the time being (or forever 😉 This is my playground. They do/will/should have their own fetishes, why spoil them with mine? They are aeady "spoiled" with pantyhose, but I never ever "colour" them sexually. I just love to wear and to look at pantyhose, that's it. No accents. At least "externally".

I have an idea for a series of posts about children, our/their fetishes, our/their sexual life, etc. More about "why", "why not", how to live together and do not be afraid of being discovered or ashamed, how to protect the kids and how not to make serious errors. I need to properly formulate and organize my thoughts and experience and collect more statistics, experience and thoughts from the people with similar fetishes. Hence this post.

See also this thread Self-bondage, fetish and children and post your own story 😉
I see, I think this is a very good plan.

What about your wife, what does she know? I cannot remember, if you ever told something detailed about this.
I just started dating a girl who's wiccan, has a celtic handle, and works as a school teacher. I'm hoping since she's a teacher she wears a lot of hose, but I'm not saying anything unless she does. If she never says anything oh well.
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