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Full Version: Pantyhose as Air / Dust Filter ?
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I have carpeting in my apartment and I have a goddamn hairy cat. I need to vacuum and I notice when I do this a lot of dust and hair gets kicked up. I realize that there's always dust flowing through the air to some degree, but I'd like to vacuum with the comfort that I'm not breathing in a whole cat hair. I was thinking of layering a pair of pantyhose or stockings over my head. Do you think this will provide any degree of filtering or am I way off ?
I used to use pantyhose mask while sawing (I did not have goggles close at hand). That did help a lot. But dust is something completely different. I would recommend HEPA filters or HEPA sacks for the vacuum cleaner and/or special masks for dusty work. And an air purifier (we have two in our house).
I've been seeing a few youtube vids about putting used pantyhose over a fan and then it turns into an air purifier.
Yeah, please define "dust" 😉

This is what I mean:
Well right now my vacuum is clogged and I don't want to open it up and get dirt all through my apt and it's also too damn cold outside to take it out there and clean it.
So, now a technical question.

Assuming you do use tights - what type and denier?

It seems to me that a number of options can be considered:

- Fishnets (proper ones, not just the pattern) - Duh! Obviously no use  😁 

- open crotch - ok so you'll need to avoid the open crotch bit!  😋

- sheer (10d or less) - now we're getting serious with very fine weave, but will they be 'man enough' for the job or will they ladder and become useless too soon?

- semi-opaque (20-40d) - these seem a good option, tougher than the sheer, but still fine enough to be effective.

- opaque (50d or more) - seriously tough, but will they be too thick and effect the efficiency (sucking.. ahem!) of your vacuum cleaner

Of course then there is the need to match your own outfit to the vacuum filter of choice - let's accessorize!  Lol

why not invest in an air cleaner/purifier?!

(20 May 2019, 05:04 )Nina265 Wrote: [ -> ]why not invest in an air cleaner/purifier?!
You can't always carry an air cleaner with you 😉
I would go with the 20-40d.

I remember my X-wife Told me and used to use pantyhose as a coffee filter.

But then, here is a question for all of you. How many pantyhose can you suck air through? I can breath through 3 20d hoes over my head.