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Full Version: wanted selfbondage mistress/master
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Hi my name is Jesse and want to become self bondage slave. I have done selfbondage about 15 years now and i have to say that i am quite good to tie myself up Smile But now i need a little inspiration to my hobby. I have bored to do same scenarios all over a again. What expect to mistress/master are you give me selfbondage predicaments or orders. I follow your orders and recorded my sessions and send the proofs to you. I have done couple "live Shows" earlier too and maybe i do a live again Wink
If you are interested to be my mistress/master please contact me in message.

ps. You could find my earlier session photos in my fetlife profile and some videos in xtube, where my nick is jasapsa.
Cool! Can you post some of your self-bondage sessions with descriptions here? It would be very interesting and useful!
As likera said above link to the page for your session would be interesting.
Don't we all wish we had a mistress / domme...
This would be great to have, maybe we could exchange sessions sometime? Like a two way sub Dom thing...
Sure I have no idea who you are, where you live, if you're an axe murderer or not - let's hook up sometime!
I'm not...
(Slides axe into bag...)