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Full Version: Sexy catwoman
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She is hot. This kind of classic catsuit is welcomed by women. Have you tried it ever?
Ps: I found it from a photo website.
I can bet girls love this catwoman suit but do you know that in fact you can make one by yourself/ as long as you can do tailoring work,that will be very easy.because what you need are the fabrics: black shiny metallic fabrics or pvc,but I recommend metallic fabrics that are much cheaper.
of course,if tailoring is a not an option to you,you may ask some zentai stores for help like the famous one" zentaizone"
I guess the second one is wearing the black PVC catsuit, like the following one, right?

Actually, there are so many online stores which sell the catsuits. Your guys stores are good. But finally, someone will buy catsuit according to his/her ineterest.
Just found another shot of my retro 1966 catsuit...


The thin metallic ribbon woven into the lamé fabric is quite scatchy, I have to wear a leo and dance tights underneath, no great hardship 😉
Wow, you are beautiful
This catwoman is more cool. I like her catsuit and her cool expression.