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Full Version: Do you have kids?
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Just curious. How many children do you have (if any)?
I have a stepdaughter which is grown up and a almost 10years old daughter 😊

Mine are 17 and 18yo. Very interesting period. Quite scary actually (that's for another thread).
No child, and nothing planned (and lacking of girlfriend not possible either).

What do you have Like Ra, daughters?
A daughter and a son.
I see, so only one hard time 😉
errrrmmmm... not sure ...

I have two sisters and a brother, and my father keeps telling the boys (so including me...) have been easier to handle.
I do not think that gender is important here 😉 You can always find difficulties or something to be afraid of. And there should always be ways and methods to go around them. Usually it depends on the goals. Actually, we are here only to help them to act independently from us 😉
Thats a good approach!

And besides, the times near you will be called GrandRa 😊
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