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Full Version: Relaxing on my couch :)
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Hope these aren't gross...first time doing this. In my track pants.
Can you upload the photos to the forum so only thumbnails are visible (big images break the design and increase download time/size)?
I'm having trouble says the files are successfully uploaded but then I click "Multiple Add to Editor" and it puts "[attachment=undefined]"
MM... you did not upload anything, according to the logs. Strange..
Here's what happens - hope you don't mind the embedded images just for this purpose:

. . .

I am really scared this is a 1d10t error on my part but I hope not!
It works for others, so it can't be the server side (caching?) issue. What browser are you using? Compatibility problem? Probably something was wrongly cached on your side? Shift-Reload? Clear cache? Any scripts blocked by AdBlockers?
Usually it happens when the images are too big. I'm not sure if the size in the screenshots is correct. For example, the maximum size for PNG is 2MB, for JPG - 4MB. Just changes the PNG max size to 4MB.
And one more note - could you please make sure that the files are actually PNG and not JPG? The extension must match the content.
Still doesn't work. Tell me something - once I upload the pics what is the next step to get them in the post? Do I click the checkbox at the end and then click "Add-editor (Multiple)" ?
(16 Nov 2013, 06:38 )NoDiceSoldier Wrote: [ -> ]Do I click the checkbox at the end and then click "Add-editor (Multiple)"
Yes. And you should get attachment=1234 in square brackets in the editor.
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