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Full Version: Bagging with water / drowning asphyxiation
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I absolutely love these pics:

[Image: asphyxiation-51-480x616.jpg][Image: asphyxiation-53.jpg][Image: asphyxiation-56.jpg]

I've been trying for the past two days to get a good bag of water sealed around my neck and it's very difficult, at least without making a huge mess. I've been trying by placing a bag in a bucket of water and letting some of the water into the bag. Then I take a deep breath, place my head down in the bag and then attempt to pull it tight against my neck. However, pulling it tight and sealing it with saran wrap or even duct tape is very cumbersome and the added work makes me run out of breath quicker. I realise anything can be done in cartoons but can someone provide some guidance on getting this on right ? I've aeady found some good tutorials on increasing your breath holding time (up to 1:45 now) so I'm hoping to put that toward an orgasm. Thanks.
(11 Oct 2013, 02:09 )NoDiceSoldier Wrote: [ -> ]I absolutely love these pics:
So do I. But replace the drawings with real photos, and I'm not sure anymore. Pictures make it right. And the girls on the drawings do not have to breath 😉
I've had my fill of plastic bags when I was younger. Too many scares to risk it anymore, so I'm not condoning anything. Buuut....

Back when was around they did a few scenes like this. First, cut off the corner of a stiff bag. Then, place the bag on the head and then seal it with tape. The hole should allow you to breathe until you add water into the bag.

Again, not condoning anything, just passing on the info I have. I'll search around on my PC to see if I have any pics.
I love these pics. For some reason, the complete impossibility and insanity is a real turn on for me.
The water level is right at her mouth. As long as she stays still and upright, she can breathe.
Thanks for the ideas! I was able to get something going by taping velcro on to the bottom of an oven-roasting bag and then sealing it but overall it was still too clumsy and I took too much time just trying to get it sealed. I typically have a tub of water on a waist-high table, then put the plastic bag in there and give it some water. Then I lean down into the bag and try to get it sealed around my neck. My biggest concern is lifting up my head and water coming out because the wet floor will piss of the landlords...carpeting instead of hardwood I'm afraid (props to Anne - nice apt for a session!).

Because of all the fumbling around and my concern of the carpeting it seems reduce my lung capacity. I have been practising holding my breath thanks to WikiHow and am up to 3 minutes, but when I try the aforementioned I usually tap out at 30 - 45 secs and end up breaking my bag in a state of panic 😟

I like the pics posted - I'll give it a try.
Btw - I was able to fit a Magnum condom over my head, although after repeated attempts because I had to learn to be gentle, and it was pretty hot. It's much more exhilarating than using plastic wrap because that aroma of the condom and lubricant just makes it seem a little more "forced" I guess. If you're gentle enough you can roll up the condom and take a breath.
What about using 8-9mm PVC tubes to breath through?
Well, if I use the wrapping plastic I can just cover everything except like my nose or mouth because the wrapping plastic is a little easier for wrapping smaller sections. I still prefer to experience a little struggle by covering all breathways. With plastic you can easily poke a little hole if the going gets rough. Either way I'm using a lot of plastic 😟 But it's worth it.
(20 Oct 2013, 07:55 )Frank Wrote: [ -> ]The water level is right at her mouth. As long as she stays still and upright, she can breathe.

Frank - great idea ! I just got into the mood right before bed and went into the bathroom to try this out. It was really, really exhilarating!! I used one of these for the bag:

[Image: 1090000510.jpg]

I folded up the base so it formed a nice cuff around my neck, and sealed it with wrapping tape from a hardware store:

[Image: 0007535310216_215X215.jpg]

I didn't feel comfortable using duct tape because it's not as easy to work with and the measurements have to be much more precise, whereas the wrap clings to the plastic bag and I could easily wrap it multiple times for a firm seal. I made a small cut on the front corner of the bag and sloooowly poured in water. It took me a few tries of getting my breathing right and remembering how to keep my nose clear but I finally got it right. I was rock hard! Sometimes I would pinch the bag closed and look through the water and clear bag. It was a very calming feeling - almost like swimming - but I was, of course, yanking the shit out of myself at the same time. I couldn't achieve orgasm because I prefer the comfort of stroking it in bed but it still felt pretty good. I think next time, to help things along, I'll get into my 5'' Pleaser black pumps, hose, and this velcro cable tie which serves quite well for an adjustable cockring:

[Image: OneWrapTies_AllPurpose.ashx]

On a positive note I dried off, lay in bed, put on some thigh-highs, then both my legs in 1 leg of full support hose and the other leg on my head and eventually came like a fountain.

Some cons about the experience: some water leaked through the seal and eventually became cold. This eventually reached my testicles and lead to scrotum shrinkage 😟 As previously stated I couldn't achieve orgasm as is. The oven bag didn't have much structure to it, so all the water collected at the bottom and pushed out making it look like my head was disproportionately wide around the chin looked really undesirable. In fact that was probably something holding me back. The hole should probably be toward the centre top of the bag instead of right on the corner...this would allow leaning forward to engulf my nose and eyes for a temporary enhanced suffocation. With the breathing hole on the corner the water comes out pretty easily.

I just got done w/ that and then a good 1/2 hr beat off session...feel totally awesome!! Thanks so much for the suggestions!
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