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Full Version: Experiments and experiences of electronic-stimulation
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I debated whether this should be posted under ‘Completed Sessions’ but have decided it is better here.

Some readers may recall earlier forum postings where I’ve enquired about electronic stimulation (aka e-stim) and asked if it works and how others rated it. Well, a few months ago I was given the unexpected opportunity to try things out for myself and this is my story:

An elderly relative of my girlfriend was clearing out her bathroom and asked if her if she wanted an old TENS machine that wasn’t required anymore, my girlfriend said ‘yes’ (bless her! 😁 ) and arrived home with the device.

It’s a Boots brand machine with 2 channels, 8 modes and variable power settings (from 0.01 to 70.0mA). The outputs are classed as either ‘Constant’ or ‘Modulated’ and the sensations are described as either ‘pulsing’ ‘Tapping’, ‘Pins and needles’, ‘Tingling’ or various combinations of those – all powered by 2 AA batteries. It came with 4 new pads and, to be honest, I couldn’t wait for an hour or two alone to have a ‘play’! 😇

I did my research on the web (as you do) so come the day when I could conduct my first experiments I had a pretty good idea of what to try.

Trial 1 – single channel connected to cock.
Obvious starting point for any self-respecting pervert! One pad was attached to the skin between my balls and the other to my cock, close to the head. At first I couldn’t feel a thing, but then I slowly (and very nervously) increased the power until strange tingling sensations started to occur. Wow! I immediately went from nervous flaccid to wanton erect. Blush
Playing around with the power settings I discovered that you can (or at least I can) go too far and turn pleasure into real discomfort (not painful, but no longer erotic). I also found that the ‘pulsing’ modes made for the most pleasant experiences.

Orgasm was not possible, though my erection was maintained.

Trial 2 – both channels connected to cock.
Another obvious step in my path to depravity! I experimented with two combinations. The first was to have a pad of each channel per testical, with the partner pads on the shaft of my cock towards the head. Again my erection was almost instant and the pulsing modes (at a medium power setting) very pleasant. I can’t claim it felt significantly different to the single channel but somehow it felt more ‘naughty’. The second method was with all 4 pads on my cock, two at the base and two at the head: this did make everything quite ‘crowded’ (I’m Mr average, not some porn star). It did give better contact onto my skin (smoother, firmer surface), but I didn’t find it felt significantly different to any other method.

Once again orgasm was not possible, nor even close, but the erection was maintained throughout a long period of ‘testing’.

Trial 3 – replacing pads with copper wire
The pads have one significant draw-back and that is they fall off once you start to sweat, sometimes they fall off anyway. By using thick copper wire (1.5mm) wound around my cock and balls I was sure that there was no risk of the connection being lost, plus I could try out some ideas I’d seen on the internet.

With one wire wrapped around the glans of my cock and the other around the root of my cock and balls the stimulation was definitely there (instant erection again) – the problem, if indeed it was a problem, was that as I became aroused my cock expanded around it’s wire wrap and everything became very tight. It may have been my imagination, but I also felt like the wire was becoming warm (warmer than my body temperature, if you see what I mean) though it never felt hot at all.
Not an unpleasant experience, but one I would not feel comfortable trying in a full self-bondage scenario (too many ‘what if’s’ for my liking).

Next step was to be really perverted and insert the wire down my urethra – in honesty this was one of those ideas that sounded incredibly erotic, but also a little scary. I cleaned, sterilized and founded the copper wire into a short ‘probe’ shape and with a little lube eased around 2-3cm into my urethra. Disappointingly it didn’t feel any different to when the wire was wrapped around the outside – maybe if I’d been brave (foolish?) enough to go in deeper?

Again, not even close to an orgasm with either of the copper wire attempts and, despite the more certain connection/contact with my skin, an approach I don’t think I will pursue.

Trial 4 – self-bondage and dressed
All my previous attempts (furtive minutes in the bathroom or slightly longer in the bedroom) had been conducted totally naked, but what I really wanted to do was see how the e-stim would work in a session when I was dressed in my fetish finery.
To overcome the occasional problems with the pads falling off or not maintaining a good connection I simply put them in place and then pulled two condoms over my cock and balls – trapping the pads (I only used one channel) in place on the shaft of my cock and between my testicals. The double condom trick is something I occasionally use when I’m looking to de-sensitise my cock and delay orgasm during a self-bondage session – anyone else tried that? Because I love nylon encasement I also added a knee-high over my cock and balls, after triggering a strong erection by switching the TENS unit on for a short period, all this resulted in a very snug and very erect cock… nice!😁 Various pantyhose, a Lycra top and my usual gear completed the dressing and bondage elements.

The wires from the pads came out from around the base of my cock (out from the bottom of the condoms and knee-high) and up the front of my body (inside the layers of nylon & Lycra) to exit at my neck. Fortunately the wires are long enough for this and the unit could still be within arm’s reach. With my legs tied spread apart I was ready to go. There is a timer on the unit, but that only controls duration, not a start time, so I had to be able to set the machine going before I bound my hands. With a nylon hood over my head and nylon mittens on my hands it was not easy to switch the unit on (I had set up as much as I could, but you still need to press buttons) but once it was going I quickly wrapped multiple coils of rope around my wrists and tethered them to the head-board of my bed.

I deliberately hadn’t gone for a ‘no escape until’ type set-up as the longest I’d even tried the stimulation for was around 10mins and my shortest ice-cube release is 30mins minimum… I wasn’t feeling that brave! But I did want to experience as much as I could.

As in my tests the stimulation was sufficient to raise and maintain a very strong erection, and this time I also started to feel the real beginnings of a desire to cum. The problem was that the stimulation became less effective as time passed, it was doing a great job of keeping me erect, but I quickly lost the ‘extra’ feelings that I needed to orgasm.
Because I could, I quickly released my wrists, grabbed the unit and somehow managed to re-bind myself whilst holding the unit in my hands. Now I could try to increase the power, which did start to bring back the feelings for a few minutes before a kind of numbness returned. Again, and more urgently, I tried to increase the power by stabbing the button for ‘up’ until the unit slipped from my grasp onto the pillow. Immediately the power increased so did my arousal, but I had been frantically upping the power and because the machine has a noticeable delay I quickly found myself being almost painfully ‘zapped’ instead of caressed and had a frightful panic as I sought to untie my wrists and kill the power. Shok

Panic over and with the unit set back to a more bearable, but less orgasm inducing, level I lay back and enjoyed a full 20mins of teasing stimulation before I freed myself.

So far I find I like this experience, it’s fun and something different.

My most comfortable power level is around 45-50mA

Personal favourite settings are:
G – described as “Modulated – Tingling/pins and needles. Frequency adjusts continuously from 20-100Hz over 12secs with a pulse width of 200uS.”
C – described as “Burst – Tapping/Pulsing 2 bursts of 100Hz per sec.

Good bits?
Erections are instant and maintained, which is excellent.
Teasing score is 7/10 – a good hands free experience in my eyes
The ‘numbness’ I feel when I stop is also a great thing, making any final (hands-on) orgasm that little bit harder to achieve – which adds to the fun in my book.

Could do better?
I really want to achieve an HFO (Hands Free Orgasm)- all those guys on x-tube seem to be able to get there, why can’t I?
I would love to delay the unit starting – imagine being self-bound for 30mins or more, with the usual (for me at least) flagging libido and then this little beast kicks in with its instant erection function… wow!

What next?
More playtime is a must, I need to experiment more with settings and scenarios.
Anal probe – yes, I do want to try this one, not sure what it will feel like but a pervert must experience these things!
Proper self-bondage session – once I understand my tolerances more I want to include this in a proper session. In my imagining I will use the timer to limit how long it runs for (15, 30 or 45mins options only) and add in my massager, timed to run for the final 2 minutes alongside the TENS – I fantasise that this will bring around a mighty orgasm. Blush

Questions as yet unanswered?
Ok – this is where you readers come in:
Are the ‘proper’ e-stim machines better than a standard TENS unit in that they have different settings that bring orgasm?
Are they worth the investment – they are not cheap (and not free like the one I have!).
Are there better/different places I should be placing the electrodes?

Ideas, suggestions or help would be appreciated

As always - Enjoy and play safe

(27 Sep 2013, 16:39 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Anal probe
Yeah, my first thought 😉

From what I've read on the Internet, HFO is achievable by using powerful expensive programmable boxes with corresponding high quality large surface electrodes. Since the costs are close to $1000 I abandoned the e-stim idea and decided to go the vibrators way - cheaper, simpler, and waterproof.

But next time I find this unit in a Lidl supermarket, I might consider buying it, (unless the Hitachi wand is also available ) 😁