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Full Version: Help, Ideas and Advice Please
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Okay ladies and gentlemen,
In mid-August I am planning to set out to try a self bondage outdoor adventure of my own. I'm currently buying all the things I need and are going to order:
Leather Blindfold
Leather Ball Splitter
Leather Ball Gag with Chin Strap
Butt Plug - Vibrating
Silver Vibrating Nipple Clamps
Leather Bondage Hog Tie resraints
Latex Mask
Cock ring

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a young male like me on what to do, where to do it and what other toys to buy. Of course I will tell you all about my story on here and will be placing the sex toy order next week so any suggestions before then would be fantastic!! Please post suggestions on here 😊
pretty good list so far if it were me id add

nipple clamps with attachiable weight
rope and lots of it
enema stuffs
chastity belt
now i think your covered

would be a good place to look for ideas
Thank you