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Full Version: Ballet boots
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Aight; I've looked all over, and I can't make a decision on buying some ballet heel boots. The problem is not being able to see them in person before I buy them.

I have no problem buying stuff online. I buy shoes online all the time. The problem with ballet boots is that they are a) super expensive, given that b) you will probably break your leg if they don't fit right, and c) return policies are generally dodgy at best.

So, I am looking for recommendations, hopefully on stores and brands, but just brand is OK. Amazon has an interestingly large collection, but none of them really have useful reviews. I just don't want to shell out $175 for something that is just going to cripple me for life.

If you want an idea generally of the features I'm looking for, I'm thinking laces and to a length of just above the ankle (support & safety reasons). So, no pumps with an ankle strap, because even though that looks hot, I do not trust that I could walk 12 steps without going all Joe Theismann. Knee and thigh length are also hot, but they would have the unfortunate visual effect of making my legs look shorter than they aeady are. The locks on the ones in the picture are just great. And, black color; whether they be leather or long as it isn't some cheapo pleather that is going to rip or tear within a week.

Have a look in this thread: Shoes on eBay - interesting finds (especially this shop store: REFUSE-TO-BE-USUAL )

Also see: Sexy Boots

I've bought ballet boots in the past.
Indeed it is quite expensive but you really need to look around because
the prices could be different up to 100 us dollar.
( the same shoe )
I went for the leather one because my previous one was a pvc one and
the strenght to hold when you try to stand if not the same.
Devious is quite famous for this kind of shoes.
An example of a shop :

I bought mine on ebay, but that shop does not sell those anymore.

The biggest problem with buying these on-line is the size.
They must be perfect to try to walk on.
I bought mine on ebay and the size turned out to be a bit bigger but if I wear thick socks under my pantyhose I can walk around in them.

Walk = 3 steps

Mine are from Kassiopeya, the zipper broke after just wearing them 2 times. I had to saw the zipper shut and now I have to lace them every time I want to wear them.

Definitely go for leather ones.
first I bought knee highs in PVC, much to big.
Still can use them for bondage, haha.
Second one a bit to big but ankle height.
No zipper and if I dont get cramps, fun to wear.
But indeed for walking , difficult.

Put the ballet boots on or on somebody and them an leather ankle cuff with lock .
And then just tie the persons arms very well. probably nice to see someone getting in that
predictment, live.
I bought ballet boots from Milanoo recently.
[Image: Coffee-High-Heel-Patent-Leather-Lock-Sex...6990-1.jpg]
It was the cheapest deal for this kind of shoes that I have seen, especially considering the free shipping campaign they had at that time.

They shoes are little different from what they look like in the photo. The top is much wider than in the pictures, and the color is black.
I bought 1 size larger than my shoe size is, and it turned out to be a mistake.
In any case, I have been practicing walking with them, and also wearing them for fun most of the day and night when I am home.
It is exciting.
However, the heel in one of the shoes has aeady become wobbly, making it even more difficult to walk... It happened most likely because of the wrong size: Because the heel (anatomical part) does not rest on the heel (the surface inside the shoe), but is more in the front, it is difficult to position the foot correctly when making a step, and thus the heel (the long and narrow part of the shoe) receives a great amount of diagonal force that induces shear stress.

EDIT: Oh, by the way. Here's an excellent video tutorial on how to stand up / walk with ballet boots. She's also wearing nice leggings that do not have a frontal seam.

Her channel is worth checking out in general, as well.
Another different design: Ballet boots with 16cm heels Possibly because the size is 45 😉

Apparently it's possible. But how...

[attachment=16794] [attachment=16795] (both animated)

I like the sheer nude shiny pantyhose here 😉

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