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Full Version: Merry Fetish Christmas!
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(25 Dec 2020, 11:02 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Inspired by Andy's 'Nutcracker' soldier today I'm the Sugar Plum Fairy (although the Purple Plum Fairy will probably be a more accurate description before long).

[Image: post_17775_1608890524_ee5860788f84ccb77f..._thumb.jpg]   
Guess what? That's my thoughts in the order of appearing:

- looks like nylon & cotton
- (click on the photo) Wow! Latex!
- love those white tights!
- they will not slide down because of the latex swimsuit/leotard
- cage is definitely "a must"! (Still hate those CB3000/6000 cages)
- pink is a plus, though
- Whoa! I love that gag! What a cool long rubber gag with a bend to easily get deep in the throat! That's kinky! I want one!
... one eternity later ...
- it's a butt-plug!!!! 😁
Any naughty girls around? What have you got for Xmas?
Merry Christmas everyone.
Happy Christmas all and let's hope the New Year is an improvement!
(25 Dec 2021, 10:48 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]the New Year is an improvement!
Always and Amen!
And, of course, from Andy:

Too cold for latex 😬 (for me, that is)
Xmas needs some sparkling pantyhose:

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