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Full Version: The Weirdness of Life - "Precut Girl"
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Hard to explain, why I can see a connection between fetish and this movie, but I am sure, there is. A woman finds out that she cannot die and tries to re-experience "the moment"...


I didn't expect many comments, but I am astonished to see, that there is not even a single one by now. Perhaps I should add, that there are a few erotic scenes including bare skin, there is submission, even a bit of breath play - if you like to call it that...

This movie is an odd and a bit extreme piece of art and only lasts 20 minutes, watching it will probably not seriously change your life, so give it a try. 😉
Hm.. I missed this thread... Will watch.
Short revival of this thread. I wanted to watch the movie again a few days ago, and it popped up here - I didn't even remember, that I had posted it here.
Well, I think, the relation between the story and fetish is the everlasting search for something obscure and very promising.
By the way, this movie does not promote suicide, it isn't even directly related to that subject, even though it starts with a suicide attempt. If there is a message, it might be "find a reason to live and then do it". But it might as well just be there to entertain darker minded people.