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Full Version: What is your FetLife ID?
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Lots here seem to be on but it's so hard to track down everyone's nicks there!

I have two, main one being vanessa_fetish and my "doll persona" as angelika_doll

What is yours?
Hm, don't remember. It's either likera or Like Ra. I do not use fetlife. Mainly because of their weird non-compatible with anything API and absence of working plugins for WordPress and MyBB. And I see no serious reason. I consider it as a mostly dating site. Probably I'm wrong.
It's actually not set up for dating, more a "kinky social networking". For dating/personals it's suggested to look for groups for that. There's groups there for all kinds of fetishes etc. Any compatibility for the stuff you mention is likely for privacy of members (which I welcome).

I use the site mostly for local events, sharing stuff that Flicksh*t won't allow, and friends. I've actually met more there, a NON dating site, than collarme or or lol. And found it easier to find local events than others...
It's definitely NOT a dating site. I call it a Facebook for the kink community. It's a great way to find out what's going on kink wise in your area, connect with munch groups and kink parties. My wife and I are very active on it as we are active in the local kink community. I have over 180 friends on mine, 98% of them I've met in person and 80% probably live within a 3-4 hour drive.

BTW, my Fetlife page is:
Hence my ID is 95849
OK, if not dating it's still real life meetings/event oriented.
Anyway, anybody else?

I've sent a friend request to angelika_doll. Fetlife can't find 95849
(13 Mar 2013, 02:57 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, anybody else?

I've sent a friend request to angelika_doll. Fetlife can't find 95849

The link should work. if your aeady logged into FetLife in your browser.

I was confusing FetLife ID to FetLife Name. My FetLife name is EnigmaBound

The ID stays the same even if you change names.
Oh, yeah, right, got it now. Dunno what I did before 😉
Just changed my FetLife nick to Like_Ra:
For those curious mine is spandexninja72
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