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Full Version: Inflatable Sleeping Bag
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I got an inflatable rubber sleeping bag ages ago (at least 15 years). Recently, I re-discovered it, found a hole, repaired it and then tried it.

The bag is basically two bags in one, completely sealed together, zipper at the front, which can be operated from inside (handle outside only though). There is a very simple one-way air-valve, which releases the air if you compress it. I inserted a bicycle valve to connect it to a pump. The air gets between the two layers, so it won't become bigger on the outside, but smaller on the inside.

In the past, I had used the bag a few times, but not often. Initial tries with inflation weren't as expected, then it got the hole and only a few days ago, I bothered to fix it. The bag is narrow around the upper body and completely straight down the legs, so the legs have some freedom.

I pumped air into the bag for a while, using a good standing bicycle pump. I stopped, when the upper layer was lifted a bit all over the bag. Getting in was not hard, but I had to struggle with my feet, the inside bag was compressed of course and I had to "dig" through the folds. Then I had to push away the air from the shoulder parts to put that on and get my arms in. Closing the bag was slightly harder than without air because my movements were limited and I had to be careful not to trap parts of the inside layer in the zipper.

It is not exactly like being in a vacuum but of course, the inside layer was pushed against my body. I tried kneeling, bending etc. to push out as much air as possible and it got pretty tight in the end. Unlike in a vacuum, the material wasn't pressed against my body. It felt a bit like a bag that was tailored almost exactly to the shape of my body. I think, there was just enough air between the layers to fill the difference between the volume of my body and the initial inside volume of the bag. After a few minutes, it was very warm - probably because the air is a very good heat insulation, body heat stays inside the bag.

Eventually, I opened the bag to free my arms and pump in some more air, then closed the bag again and struggled to get rid of the inside air while keeping my arms flat on the sides of my body. It seems to be easier with one arm up, letting the air exit via the neck opening, but at the same time, you keep more air between body and arm. I suppose, the best way to get all air out is a helper, who can also sit on the bag for additional pressure and so on. It might also help to use a belt around the knee part, to increase the pressure. However, you still have to make the air travel into the right direction and eventually out of the collar (fartingly). Anyway, my arms were held in position, it took efforts to move them around and when I was done, I felt a bit like after a good workout.

Fazit: This is a great toy that I had understimated for years! It takes a bit of work to inflate it and, after playing, deflate, clean and store it, but it is worth the trouble. I would not call this bondage, trapping yourself in such a bag is quite difficult because of the free arms which can "crawl" up along the body until finally reaching the zipper. I rather see it as a very cosy mummification with virtually no bad physical side-effects (well, don't try to jump around in your appartment etc.).

By the way, this is and probably will remain my most expensive erotic toy. I was quite crazy when I bought it, used up my credit frame at the bank and paid almost 1000 DM (500 Euro) in a porn shop. But this is good quality, thick latex and no traces of aging after at least 15 years.
(30 Jan 2013, 22:08 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]well, don't try to jump around in your appartment etc.
Just imagined that.. 😁
Have any pics?
No pictures, sorry. Simply imagine a thin long rectangle with a head at the end.