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Full Version: Asian Spandex Girl
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[Image: th_045333948_SANY0008128_123_77lo.jpg] [Image: th_045337258_SANY0008264_123_452lo.jpg] [Image: th_045340297_SANY0008361_123_84lo.jpg]

new update!
Very interesting combination (BTW, I have a similar looking leotard but in latex 😉, but the viewpoint is still not the best.
And here is the next update 😉

[Image: th_305551218_IMG_4969_123_565lo.JPG] [Image: th_305559757_IMG_4970_123_260lo.JPG] [Image: th_305566834_IMG_4976_123_734lo.JPG]
[x] Heels!
Crotch-view is boring.
[Image: th_817084190_IMG_4978_123_25lo.jpg] [Image: th_817089927_IMG_4980_123_10lo.jpg] [Image: th_817094916_SANY0003_254_123_489lo.jpg]
Seriously, do you read what others write or just advertise your page?
Seriously, I do! Next time I will pose according to your wish, Your Majesty!
Thanks, but I meant it more general. But thanks again for answering.
The pose is different now, BTW. And this is a progress. Also, it's interesting what it looks like from the back.
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