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Full Version: Prostate orgasm
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Creating the thread on request.

Does anybody have experience with it?
Something I just saw on goggle:

Male orgasms from the penile area are totally different than the ones coming from the prostate gland. Just as women are more easily able to have multiple orgasms with g-spot stimulation compared to clitoral stimulation, men can more easily have multiple orgasms with prostate stimulation in comparison to the standard penile stimulation.

However, when it comes to male multiple orgasm, the best method that you can apply is the prostate massage. One of the main reasons why is the fact that this technique can help you to retain your ejaculate for a longer period of time, allowing you to experience a magical climax afterwards.

That is about as far as I got. Just think, getting Multiple Orgasms while in bondage by yourself. There has to be something like that around.
Damn you firefox! I just had a huge blow-by-blow story typed up and firefox decided to close itself... *sigh*
I hate trying to re-write things I've aeady written, so you're getting the summary instead :p

I've bought a few prostate toys over the years, and I always looked forward to experiencing the 'Super O' and 'Automatic stimulation'. Sadly, I've never managed to get them to work.
I did come close once, but was interrupted by a returning family member after laying in bed with my Aneros for hours.
That one time ultimately led to me releasing a drip or two of pre-cum, while experiencing long, deep, hard throbs from my ejaculatory muscles.
Up until that point, I'd never actually dripped pre-cum before, and even now, I can only do so under very specific circumstances, so it was a very special moment.'s just a shame I never got to see how it would progress 😟

Aside from trying (and failing) using 'dedicated' toys, I've settled for, what I imagine would be, similar experiences, using 'regular' toys.
For example: Those 'very specific circumstances' I mentioned is actually me managing to set my weight down on the floor, with my 'man in a barrel' lodged inside me; After riding the top half for a few minutes, if I struggle my way down it's length and manage to get it in comfortably, if I then sit on the floor, I will begin to drip pre-cum. It happens every time. Nearly.

The only other example (which I recently discovered):
Sorry if I get a little graphic here... 😇
While lying in bed one day, out of the blue, and sheer boredom, I decided to try using one of my large-ish buttplugs as a dildo. I wasn't particularly horny, but after a few minutes of rapid in-out action, I thought "What if...?" and grabbed a 12" double dildo. As I slid it in (alongside the buttplug) I felt the familiar stretching sensation, but also a slight pressure, which I guessed was to be expected really. I continued to slowly slide it in, and then wham: I was spasming like I'd been electrocuted.
Needless to say, I've since tried the same method and the results are the same. Even without foreplay/stimulation etc. If I slide that dildo in, along the top of the plug (imagine I'm on my back here) it just gets to a certain point and I start to cum. No warning, no hesitation. Ok, maybe a little brain meting a second or two before I hit orgasm, but there's no time to react (not that I'd want to, of course :p).
If, after cumming, I continue to slide the dildo in and out, I buck like a wild horse, for the first few thrusts, and my (still hard) dick throbs, occasionally dripping seminal fluid (post-cum?!), even 15mins after the initial orgasm!. I once unexpectedly continued straight through to a second orgasm (which didn't take too long), but, unfortunately, I haven't managed that again.

I'm guessing these things are happening because of the pressures on my prostate, but to be honest, I've no idea if they are prostate orgasms or not; I'm no expert, I just saw the word prostate and thought I would share all my prostate related experiences. I like telling stories, can you tell? :p

I imagine someone might say 'Don't do that!' or will tell me that I could injure myself, but, to be honest, while it's not the 'Super O' or 'Automatic stimulation' that I still dream of, I'd be lying if I said I cared. It feels f-ing great.

EDIT: Damn, forgot one: If I tickle my perineum for long enough, while I'm wearing lycra, I will occasionally ooze pre-cum. No drips though. And without lycra, it doesn't work. *shrugs*

I never heard that expression. But I know, that I have experienced two different sensations while coming. I would call one "external" - the normal one. The other one I call "internal" and it is much much more. If you have ever seen the Torchwood episode with the sex-maniac alien, remember the guy who is raped in the bathroom and finally explodes to dust. It looks and sounds like he is even enjoying the explosion - one of the hottest scenes ever in a TV series! Well, that goes a bit beyond what I experienced, but I mean a full-body-experience. I think, it is mostly a state of mind and letting go. It also involves excited breathing. After having that, I usually feel like a drop of water on a slope. No idea, where the prostate comes in, I have never stimulated it knowingly. I didn't have this often, but I hope, I will have it again. Not too often though, I don't want to get used to it, it could become less exciting then.

Oh, I found the scene:


(you have to sign in, because this rated adult)
And that is what I am looking for. A male G spot (sort of).

So, Insert buttplug, and then slide a dildo along side the buttplug.

Would that be like a forked tounge dildo?
And rubbing it back and forth around the Male G spot or Prostate?

Maybe I'll try that. If it works, I have an idea on a new style of sex toy
The 'P-spot' as it's known 😉
I think it's been likened to a G-spot before. Some of the same rules apply too, I believe: The 'come hither' motion, for manual stimulation, or 'milking' for instance. However, I've never got this to work.
I would love to go to a professional 'milker', just to experience it once. Even the term makes me smile; When I see it, I just imagine being restrained, and 'milked', over and over until I'm completely drained, akin to your average dairy cow's ordeal. And the notion that it's 'just business' would suit my slight objectification fetish too. Win/win.

Tinker D Wrote:So, Insert buttplug, and then slide a dildo along side the buttplug.
It works for me, but not necessarily for everyone. Each man seems to be unique, in that each prostate could react differently. I suppose that's why all the 'proper' tools have failed for me, but they might all work for you. The only way to tell, really, is to try. Give it a shot, you never know, it might work for you too 😁

I just use a standard shaped buttplug (~2.25" dia.) with a 12" x ~1.5" 'jelly' double dildo.
I put the buttplug in, lie on my back, maneuver the tip of the dildo so that it will slip between the buttplug and the 'roof' of my ass, and push slowly (but quite firmly) as I hold the buttplug to stop it from being pushed all the way in by the dildo. After feeling the initial stretch, I take a brief pause to 'listen' to my body to make sure everything is ok, and then slowly begin to push the dildo in.
I don't know if the tip of it hits the prostate, or if it's just brushing past it firmly (thanks to the buttplug forcing it against the roof), but it just feels amazing.

Tinker D Wrote:And rubbing it back and forth around the Male G spot or Prostate?
For me, it's not so much the in and out, just the in. The last time I tried this method, when my orgasm started, I didn't stop pushing the dildo. I just kept pushing until I felt all 12" slip passed the buttplug.
As every inch slowly squeezed through, my brain reacted like it was nails down a chalkboard, but at the same time it wanted more.
And once it was in, the sense of relief from being able to 'come down' was so very satisfying. I didn't think I would ever be so grateful to have 12" of jelly dildo pushed inside me...

Before I grabbed the jelly dildo (that very first time), I slipped my fingers passed the buttplug just to see how much 'room' there was inside me, and when I felt how good it felt to squeeze my fingers passed, that's when I thought of a dildo. The 12" was all I had to hand, but from my latest experiment, it seems to be quite the ideal tool.
Try it with your fingers first, to see if it's going to suit you. Oh, and make sure you 'explore' the bulb of the buttplug with your fingers, while it's inside you, it's such an odd sensation. Pleasant, but odd.'s like seeing a loved one at their place of work.

One last tip: Lube.
'Toy on toy' is not very slippery and with insufficient lube you'll either feel discomfort, or the dreaded 'jerk' (One toy suddenly gives up grip and plunges inside). It makes my heart skip a beat, every single time. It's also the reason for the inherent 'listening' pause.

Let me know how you get on, if you do decide to try; I'm eager to hear someone Else's experiences with my methods 😁

I wonder if ebay still has that 55 gal drum of KY. I might need a lot of lube in the future.
I've experienced this before. I tried a vibrating butt plug and it hit my G/P spot so to speak. I was experimenting one day and tried it. (I've been a little apprehensive about butt play due to medical issues from my childhood in that region. I had surgery in that area when I was 6 years old and bleed easily there, I'm fine as long as I take it easy. I have a mother who cares more about appearances than the truth and will not tell me what it was for, but my doctor suspects an intersex condition due to low testosterone and certain feminine characteristics in bone structure, etc, but that's another story.) Anyway, there was hardly any warning. I got hard in 10 sec and ejaculated then orgasm and not at the same time, but the orgasm went on what seemed like forever. It was both pleasurable and painful in a way, but wanted more. I can orgasm without ejaculation with an hitachi anyway, but this was more intense.
(03 Jan 2013, 03:57 )cbshackle Wrote: [ -> ]certain feminine characteristics in bone structure
A male with a female's curves? Hmm.... Blush

(03 Jan 2013, 03:57 )cbshackle Wrote: [ -> ]I can orgasm without ejaculation with an hitachi anyway

Sounds very interesting. Do you do anything special with the wand to achieve this result?
I think I'll need to get me one to experiment with, just as I've been meaning to for years.
Now, if it could only work the other way round, then I would be a very happy customer. Ejaculating without orgasm? Yes please! I even think that's how my whole quest for prostate milking began...
The closest I've gotten to that dream is being able to ejaculate without getting hard, which is kind of going in the opposite direction 😕

I don't use any attachments to achieve this. I will wear tight spandex, my favorite being bike shorts and a women's speedo one piece swimsuit that is really tight. The tight spandex spreads the vibrations out and feels really nice. Also a rope crotch harness can be nice, but not necessary. Between the spandex and penis (entire pelvice area) I add some padding with Kleenex to keep the mess down or use a condom. (My wife and I like the flat look in the front with adding padding.)

It takes a little practice. My experience is the if I use the Hitachi near the tip of the penis, I'm more likely to ejaculate than is I use is at the base. In fact the dry orgasms you'll eventually get will feel different. (My wife and I refere the ones at the base as my female orgasms, they last for minutes at a time.) The best way to find them is to experiment and alternate between the bottom of the balls to the tip of the penis. If you feel like you are going to orgasm, stop and ride the wave. It's get more intense the more times you do this in a session. I can go one for hours this way having multiple orgasm without ejaculation. (Although I will sometime leak precum.) I prefer the low setting on the Hitachi as the high one will cause things to loose feelings, but I can be a good way to edge, so you can play with that as well.

Another way I have experiences this is to have the penis pointing down and tuck between the legs. The spanex and speed swimsuit are tight enough to keep the penis forces down not matter what. Use the Hitachi this way and I can achieve a dry orgasm this way too.
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