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Full Version: Suzi Fox Designs
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I found this website by chance, didn't order anything. Custom made clothes in various lycra fabrics, not cheap but looking good. Check the section "Costume Suggestions" too.
I like the material/fabrics/coatings they use.

(01 Jan 2013, 15:25 )Strappado Wrote: [ -> ]Check the section "Costume Suggestions" too.
Ideal for cosplay ūüėČ
I found this company in a roundabout way through etsy.  I purchased a simple tee shirt in the material they describe as matte black vinyl faux leather. The price was reasonable and I was able to completely customize the size to fit my old, fat body.

I placed the order on a Friday and was wearing the shirt (with faux leather leggings, thigh boots and long leather gloves) the next Wednesday.  In a rare instance of luck falling my way, this company is located about 30 minutes from my home.

I have slowly moved away from rubber, my first and truest fetish material for a couple of reasons.  For one, here in Florida, rubber gets pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly except during the winter months.  Also, I am a major producer of sweat which can be a problem when it leaks on the furniture or floor.  Finally, as I have gotten older and less mobile, getting into and out of rubber has gotten more difficult.  

This material is backed with a nice fabric that slides on and off my skin, even if I am a bit on the sweaty side.  It has a nice amount of stretch in it as well.  I haven't had it long enough to comment on its durability but the seams and stitching are very well done.

They have a huge variety of fabrics and colors and will make pretty much any of their items in the fabric of your choice.  They take a large number of measurements because every item is made to order.  They do a wonderful job of keeping you informed on the status of your order after you place it.  I highly recommend this company and plan to buy more items from them in the future.