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Full Version: Hair removal - Techniques & reviews
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Laser should take anywhere from 3-6 passes usually, and most places have a policy that you can come back for strays regrowth to be removed later.

You should be able to find one that will do the area, might take some asking around though. Had to have hair removal in a certain area between anus and genitals prior to to surgery (which I haven't had yet) and was able to find a place to do that
Thank you again!

It will be so nice to have everything done and smooth without future effort!
(26 Aug 2018, 03:35 )tightslip00 Wrote: [ -> ]What does everyone know about electrolysis / laser hair removal? If the price can be managed, does this procedure really deliver “permanent” hair removal? Thoughts?

Electrolysis is very permanent but takes a while. Laser is quicker and more of a broad sweep, but it doesn't get everything and it does not work one red or light hair whereas electrolysis works on ALL hair. The FDA states the electrolysis is the ONLY permanent hair removal technique and classifies laser as hair reducing but for some laser works.

I'm transgender and all my facial hair was removed with both laser and electrolysis. Some of my hair was red and light brown and bond and 65% was black. It still took 3 or 4 years to remove all my facial hair but all of my beard shadow was gone after my 4th or 5th laser session.

Laser works best with sessions 5-6 weeks apart with shaved face. Here is the NYC area laser was $75/session (full face) and electrolysis was $75/hour and I had a total 9 laser session plus 180 hours of electrolytsis over a 4 year period.
Anybody tried Emjoi epilators?

eBay: Emjoi epilator

Interesting design.
And the price!!!!!
Still cheaper than Silk Epil 9...
(31 Jan 2019, 02:08 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Anybody tried Emjoi epilators?

eBay: Emjoi epilator

Interesting design.

I've never used anything like that.  How painful is it?

On a slightly different subject, I have one of those $300 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair reducers.  I actually haven't used it in a few months but I can still tell that I have had permanent hair reduction in some of the places I've used it on my arms and legs.  Sadly though, thicker rooted (male/masculine) hair is much harder to get rid of and the IPL isn't as useful for that.  I think a male would have to go on female hormones and anti-androgen medication in order to achieve a more effective hair reduction with IPL.  

However, I can honestly recommend it even if it isn't 100% effective.  For every hair it does work on that doesn't grow again, that's one fewer to shave or pluck.
That is good to know.
I read somewhere that the laser or uv, works better on dark hair better than light hair.
And I wonder how harmful the UV/laser rays are for the skin. Especially so powerful, that they can kill hair follicles.
The ones I have seen on eBay and other sites says that it works better on dark hair better than on lite hair.
But I have seen some skin damage from laser treatments.

I have done some waxing before, but the way I did it was a bit painful. But it worked and cost me a buck or two.
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