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Does anyone have any history with
I've emailed them before and got a speedy response with some encouraging sales advice, but have recently contacted them again and had nothing in return.
They unfortunately don't have a phone number 😟
I've also just discovered that they are based in France?! Maybe they make/dispatch their items from the UK though...

Most of the stuff looks moulded, which I'm specifically after, and they have a few nice options with sheaths (which I'm also after).
The closest rival to this shop, that I'm aware of, is, but their prices are a little higher and are 'abroad', so may take longer to get stuff to me.
Does anyone know of any other alternatives? Preferably in the UK, or at a push (and for later reference) in the EU.

I'd love to get some orders in and get the stuff sent for chlorination with a view of wearing them before xmas...

(01 Dec 2012, 04:15 )LustrousLaminaLover Wrote: [ -> ]
I've bought LOTS of stuff from them with mixed results. The communication is outstanding, but the quality vary. OTOH, they only resell what is produced anywhere.
After a quick re-browse of, I remembered another factor that's stopped me clicking the buy button on most of their inventory: sizing.
I'm quite a slim person and I like my stuff as tight as it can get, but unfortunately, they only go down to an 'S', which is 28" unstretched. ...this is usually the 'max' size on some of the looser stuff I buy. Dodgy list an 'S' which is smaller, and potentially an 'XS', but... well, you know how this story goes πŸ˜‰

Ideally, I'd like something like these:
[Image: 17084_LRG.jpg]
but with a rear sheath as well. (And just to nitpick: A lower waistband)
It's that specific sheath that I like. ...The way that it looks as though it draws your c&b away from your body a little. I think it looks great, and there are pictures in the latex sheath thread that attest to this πŸ˜‰.

(01 Dec 2012, 04:46 )LustrousLaminaLover Wrote: [ -> ]but with a rear sheath as well.
Sounds good, but sucks in reality.
Like Ra Wrote:
LustrousLaminaLover Wrote:but with a rear sheath as well.

Sounds good, but sucks in reality.
Yeah, I'm under the impression that it's going to, but I can't resist trying it 😟

I've been toying with the idea of buying 2 separate pairs of shorts; one with the c&b sheath, and one with the anal sheath, just in case it is that bad.
They are only for experimentation really, and will no doubt end up being destroyed, so that's why I'm looking for cheap molded stuff.
The search continues...


Ok, I don't know what's going on here... Either my 'net-fu is failing completely today, or I have looked at the sizing chart of one company, and the products of another; and have exactly the same sizes.

Now it's just down to price and postage times, which, really, are minor inconveniences when compared to sizing.
It looks like I'll just need to make do with an 'S' that I imagine will be almost baggy on me. 😟
I suppose they'll be ok, they are only for testing purposes after all...

Ok, so it appears I have a winner:
[Image: 72053_LRG.jpg]

The sheath looks to be about the same, they have a lower waistband, and the size goes down to an unstretched 53cm 'S'. They aren't any dearer than LatexClothing either! Happy days 😁
I'll be adding a pair of rear sheathed shorts to the order as well. And even after a very brief scan of the other items, I can tell I'm going to be chucking a few other goodies into my cart.
But right now, I'm going to go to bed and sleep on it, otherwise I'll end up blowing all my xmas present money 😴

In order to wrap up this rather pointless thread:-, and possible alternatives:
Hauteng. Hauteng. Hauteng. Hauteng. Hauteng. Hauteng. Oh! Hauteng, too!

I would give our Chinese friends a try. Check "Latex on eBay - interesting finds" thread for sheathed shorts: