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Full Version: Roller-coaster poll
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Not too sure how to start this one off...
In another post, madjack made a comment about being subjected to an unexpected event that 'forces' you to do something you secretly desire. He went on to liken it to riding a roller-coaster, which, to me, is a perfect analogy.

Picture it: Your in the cart. You're strapped in tightly and being very slowly tugged to the peak of the firt rise. Slowly slowly, you rise and rise.
Eventually you make it to the top. But, as you begin to level out, you realise you are looking over the edge at the first big drop...
Your heart skips a beat. You feel your stomach tighten. Any little fears you had are suddenly amplified and you begin to feel nervous. Very nervous.
As the cart slowly slowly edges it's weight over the edge, it passes the point of no return and you feel it: that sudden loss of control. You know it's now too late. You're just along for the ride.
As you hurtle down the steep slope with your heart, and stomach, in your mouth, and everyone around you screaming, you feel the numbness. Your brain can't concentrate on anything other than the sensations surging through you, much like during an orgasm. The longer you stay near-vertical, the stronger it gets.
When you hit the bottom, you feel your head sink into your shoulders and your spine shorten a few inches. And as the sensations do a somersault inside you, there is really only one thing you can think to say, once you've recovered the power of speech: "Holy ****, that was good. Let's do it again!"

There's nothing that can truly compare to riding a roller-coaster, but replicating the loss of control is possible. Many of you probably aeady have.

I've put together this little poll, just out of curiosity, to see if we all think similarly about sexual situations, in which we could lose control.
Bearing in mind that the roller-coaster is nothing more than an analogy: Using the answers below, what number/letter combination would best describe your ultimate 'ride'?

What way would you prefer to 'ride' the 'roller-coaster'?
1) Knowing there is a drop, and being able to see it coming,
2) Knowing there is a drop, but not being able to see it coming,
3) Not knowing there is a drop, but being able to see it when it comes,
4) Not knowing there is a drop, and not being able to see it when it comes,
5) Guessing there might be a drop, and able to see it ...if and when it comes,
6) Guessing there might be a drop, but not able to see it ...if and when it comes,
7) Knowing there isn't a drop,

And, if/when the 'drop' comes, how would you like to deal with it?
A) Choosing to go over the edge, knowing you can stop when you wish.
B) Choosing to go over the edge, knowing you can only stop under extreme circumstances.
C) Choosing to go over the edge, knowing that you can't stop at any point.
D) Being 'persuaded' to go over the edge, with the promise of stopping when you wish.
E) Being 'persuaded' to go over the edge, with the promise of stopping under extreme circumstances.
F) Being 'persuaded' to go over the edge, with no such promise.
G) Being forced to go over the edge, with the promise of stopping when you wish.
H) Being forced to go over the edge, with the promise of stopping under extreme circumstances.
I) Being forced to go over the edge, without any promise.
J) Stopping before you go over the edge.

What number/letter combination would you prefer for your particular 'roller-coaster'?
And for extra credit, and so that other people can get a sense of what sort of a 'ride' it would be for them, would you be willing to share your imaginary (or real!) experience with us?


Personally, mine is a 4H.

Ideally, I wouldn't want to see what was coming. Hell, I wouldn't even want to know it was an option. I would just want it to happen, as and when it was chosen to happen.
And when it does come, I want it to be expected that I'll be ok with it, unless under some extreme circumstances (but only once it's started, since I can't see what's about to happen 😉).

It's a bit easier to understand if I explain what was going through my head when I looked through the options:

I pictured I was sitting on a table in the middle of a room.
I couldn't see, I couldn't hear, I couldn't speak, and I couldn't move from the table.
There weren't any restraints or blindfolds in use, but I somehow knew they weren't needed. Something inside my head was telling me that I didn't want to do that thing I was thinking of trying to do.
It wasn't fear stopping me, it was respect. I hadn't been asked to not do these things, but I somehow knew it wasn't preferable, so I chose not to. It was like I was hypnotised, or something; I had an overwhelming sense of pride, knowing that I didn't need to be asked to 'behave'.

When I felt a cool hand softly touch my chest and gently push me flat onto my back, I could have sworn I was a feather being persuaded by a breeze.
Just as gently, I felt the hands then calmly part my thighs until my legs drooped off either side of the long table.
The hands then tickled as they caressed their way up my thighs to my crotch, and I instantly felt an immense sense of relaxation.
I lay there, unable to see, unable to move, only able to focus on the sensations that the hands were channeling through my most sensitive areas as they went about their 'investigation'.
The hands were gloved, I could tell that. And although I couldn't see, I knew they were white, just like the gloves that doctors and nurses wear. Soft, smooth, ...tickly.
It wasn't long before I felt myself harden, and even if I was able to do anything about it, I wouldn't have wanted to; I was so proud that I was hard. I wanted them to know.

After 'investigating' my new found firmness, the touch of the hands disappeared.
I then felt a tickle as something was slithered between the cheeks of my ass and, gently but firmly, pushed inside me.
However, it wasn't long before that tickle turned to a full blown parting, and then a mild stretch.
As the stretching sensation intensified, I could feel myself getting harder and harder until I felt I was about to explode.
That was when the hand returned.
It gave my rock had shaft a gentle squeeze, as though it was gauging it's pressure, and then disappeared again.
The stretching resumed.
After a short while, my dick began to feel like it was on fire, burning so fiercly from the pressure of the blood within it.
It wasn't painful, but I could tell it should've been. Excruciatingly so.
The hand made another check and I could tell it would have been like trying to squeeze a diamond.
The stretching stopped and the hand disappeared.

I lay there, unable to see, unable to hear, and completely unable to move, with an impossibly hard shaft and a sensation of stretching that was by no means mild.
I proudly waited, exactly as I was, wondering what was going to happen next.

And then I proudly waited some more.

Yup! 4H for me! 😇
1 I

this is as i would like to know what is happening and when so I can prepare myself for it, but I don't want the option to say no....i will want to be forced to do it and know that when it starts their is no way to stop it but to wait till the roller coaster is over and it is time to get of.

As an example their is a little theme park close to me (about 40 mins away) which has a 'large' roller coaster, well it seamed large, its actually small.... It was 4 years before i would even go on it, and now i will happily go on it with my eyes shut.... all after my sister forced me to go on it with her.