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Full Version: Bound. What now? (was Change of words ??)
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OK, I think almost everyone has seen this cartoon.


I don't know the language, But I replace the words to what I thought could work for this strip.


Like I said, this is not a translation, Just my words.
This is how the original words can be translated:

"Darling, I think we should bring some life in our sex life"
"Here! The bondage set for beginners! With a rope and a tutorial"

Later ..

"And what now?"
"Nothing in the book"
OK, that makes sences.
It took me a while to think of that. I wonder if there is a part 2?

Reminds me of a friend of mine. She keep pestering me to play some bondage. So I tied her up, and return back to work.

When I got done, I untied her and we never saw each other again.
I don't know if things have improved, but back when I worked at an adult bookstore and could rent all the pr0n 😉 I wanted (around 1995 or so), the B&D section featured a depressingly consistent amount of "tie her up & whip her"... which always struck me as a awfully unimaginative way of doing things. There's so much more possible!

That said, my favorite rental was a Japanese thing called "It's Only Bondage 2", one scene of which had a girl in (if I remember right) an arm binder with a vibrator in her, walking around a stool - she only was able to make it around once. 😊. I seriously need to find that tape again...
(08 Feb 2013, 20:27 )Uburoi Wrote: [ -> ]an arm binder with a vibrator in her, walking around a stool - she only was able to make it around once
To be honest I do not trust all these vibrator scenes. You can easily ignore the "irritation", unless the vibration is really strong, the location is perfect, there are no distractions and you are focused. Try to do some home chores with a vibrator 😉

But you are right about unimaginative scenarios. Plain boring...