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Full Version: Everyday items with alternative fetish uses.
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I am constantly amazed by how phallic some of the bottles containing my girlfriend’s beauty products are – this one really caught my eye.


The dimensions are:

Length (including top): 190mm
External width of base: 48mm
Internal width of shaft: 40mm
Max width of ‘head’: 50mm

Needless to say, when she’d finished with it I swiftly ‘recycled’ it for my own perverted uses! 😁

The product has a ‘pump-action’ delivery system, which when empty leaves almost the full length of the shaft empty and open at the base and is just the right width for my cock (easier if only semi-erect, but a fun struggle with lube when I’m really turned on! From personal experience using it as a ‘sheath’ is really successful at numbing any sensation whilst allowing the wearer to enjoy an erection (so not really a true chastity device) – in test sessions it has very effectively stopped me from achieving orgasm, but at the same time produced a very intense sensation as my cock became erect and was constricted by the tube.

The cap (‘Big head’ sorry ‘Bed head’ – who are they kidding) also has potential – easiest option was a very big gag (I am just about able to get it in my mouth – very sexy, but for me too much for anything other than short session use). The next one is as a container for a remote vibrating device – this is something I really want to try, with my cock in the tube and the vibrator on a timer to on/off during a session when I want to be teased to almost orgasm.

I think the cap could also be used as a sort of chastity device, with your cock tucked up inside and the cap then fastened/locked into place somehow?

Though the dispensing nozzle is as close to the head of a cock as I’ve seen outside of a sex-shop I’m not sure if the device could be used as a dildo – too many sharp edges and no flex! 😟

I’m currently investigating into if I can adapt the ‘pump’ action to create a vacuum and ‘suck’ my cock inside and keep it trapped – exciting idea, yes?

Those are just my ideas, I’m sure there are readers with even more suggestions.



Ps. look out for a posting of this in use during a session soon
Very creative!