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eBay MyCodes
To simplify the procedure of inserting eBay links I created some short codes.

Search codes

Sooner or later static links to eBay items will point to nowhere, because eBay removes old pages. But the same (or similar) items may reappear again. So, it's safer to use search links.

Currently available for US (usual, DE, FR and UK. You can use - and () metasymbols.


PHP Code:
[ebayus]transparent latex -balloons[/ebayus

Search transparent latex -balloons

PHP Code:
[ebayuk]transparent latex -(balloons,glove)[/ebayuk

Search eBay UK: transparent latex -(balloons,glove)

PHP Code:
[ebayde]latex strumpfhose[/ebayde

Search eBay DE: latex strumpfhose

PHP Code:
[ebayfr]Maillot de bain (caoutchouc,latex)[/ebayfr

Search eBay FR: Maillot de bain (caoutchouc,latex)

eBay stores

Currently available for US ( and DE (


PHP Code:
[shopus]Rubber-Eva-Shop[/shopus store: Rubber-Eva-Shop

PHP Code:

DE Store: kunzmann-gmbh
Added mycodes for US and DE stores (see the first post).