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We supply all types of Lingerie Wholesale
We supply all types of Lingerie Wholesale, such as : Babydoll & Chemise, Bra Lingerie & Bikini sets, Corsets and Bustiers
China Lingerie Wholesale
Charm Sexy Lingerie Co. Ltd

[Image: image.php?pic=2012-10-26%2F2012102614433...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-10%2F2012041119323...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-10%2F2012011003413...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-10%2F2012011003413...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-10%2F2012011003411...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-10%2F2012011002130...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-11-10%2F2012111023504...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-09-17%2F2012091720103...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-08-23%2F2012091223261...adImage%2F]

Quote: 2.0$~10$


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Interesting prices. I wonder what the shipping prices are.
Is this an AD?
Yes, it is definitely an AD, but I decided to leave it here, for the time being. They have some interesting items for low prices. Of course, I can't say anything about the quality and sizes (too many "one size fits all"s), but for some rare cosplay parties or bondage sessions it should be fine. Anyway, destroying a corset for 50$ is one thing, and ruining the same corset for $10 is another.

According to the original poster, the shipping price is 30% from the bought items. Not bad.
For example:

[Image: image.php?pic=2013-01-04-21%2F2013010421...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-08%2F2012010820064...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-05-12%2F2012051200192...adImage%2F] [Image: image.php?pic=2012-10-22%2F2012102223100...adImage%2F]

However, some photos and description completely do not correspond each other:

[Image: image.php?pic=2012-01-08%2F2012010820243...adImage%2F]

The description says: "Leather Clothing", the price is US$ 3.9.
OK, If you say it's ok, I'll check it out.
Shipping to EU also this 30%?
Have to try that.
Thanks for your time
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Looks like 98% will NOT fit me. They have nothing for larger folks like me.
One size fits most.... From a size 2 to a size 8.
Nice stuff, I like it all but I want to wear something, not look at pictures.
According to the website they have plus sizes.