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The Dream Machine
I've seen a lot of really cool ideas on here. I was just reading a couple threads in the "completed sessions" sub-forum where people had rigged up Venus 2000's and Vacbeds in a similar fashion to what I'm trying to do.  Anyways, I'm going to describe what I'm trying to make and then hopefully with the help of hardware enthusiasts on here, I can actually make it.

The dream:  You're tied up in your favorite position, whether it be spread-eagle, segufix, vacbed, etc.  A computer AI is controlling the venus which is attached to you. It is also  controlling a vibrating/inflatable buttplug, estim on different locations, and music that is playing through sound-proof headphones.  The AI is monitoring a pressure sensor in the buttplug, your heartrate, and breathing rate.  It synchronizes the venus and other sensations to that of the music.  When it detects that you are getting close to orgasm, it reducing speed and stroke-length to keep you on the edge for as long as possible.  When it finally decides to let you orgasm, it detects the orgasm and slows things down for a minute or two during the refactory period before starting all over again.  Going into the session, you could tell the computer to go for a random period of time between x and y hours.

I'm a software expert, so I am confident that I'll be able to make something that is able to sync the venus to music as well as stop/slow things down after orgasm. Predicting that an orgasm is coming soon might be a bit more challenging.  I have zero hardware experience, so I'd love to have some help in turning this into a reality. I've seen multiple posts in these forums where people were successfully able to control their toys with timers and other devices, but they didn't contain enough detail where I could figure out how to do it myself.  Here are some questions I have:

1.  What is the easiest way to get my computer to control the speed of the venus?  Right now there is a physical knob that needs to be turned.  Links to specific parts would be very useful.
2.  How can I have the computer control the air pressure in the venus?  Right now there are two physical buttons, one that increases pressure, one that decreases it.
3.  How do I measure anal pressure?  I couldn't find any buttplugs that aeady do this, do I have to make one?  How do I get the pressure reading into my computer?

I am looking for the easiest (not cheapest) ways of completing this.  If you are interested in utilizing this for yourself, I can make the final code open-source and provide a tutorial for how to set everything up.  Additionally, if someone knows how to do this and wants to help me, I would be willing to pay for your time to consult on this project.

Thank you!

Here's a link to some research demonstrating that we should be able to at least detect the orgasm, if not predict it:
Here's a link to a project someone made called nogasm, which has some similar goals:
Ahhh, so you're looking for a unicorn, same as me.  I've put considerable thought into this and will gladly share everything I can think of.

(28 Dec 2019, 16:14 )darkwhispers327 Wrote: 1.  What is the easiest way to get my computer to control the speed of the venus?

Take a look at this project.  This guy put a stepper motor in his venus for full control of position and speed.  He called his project "Venus 2000 rehash"

(28 Dec 2019, 16:14 )darkwhispers327 Wrote: 2.  How can I have the computer control the air pressure in the venus?

The buttons on your venus are just check valves, air can only pass one way.  They are connected to the air tubing opposite to each other.  One lets air out and one lets air in.  They rely on the venus 2000 pneumatic system to either draw air in or push air out depending on where it is in the stroke.  Hardware-wise, to be able to automate that, you would need a couple of solenoid valves connected to regular check valves. Solenoid valve example  Check valve example  When looking for solenoid valves to use for this purpose, make sure you get some that have an operation range that starts at 0 psi, else they may not work for this project.

(28 Dec 2019, 16:14 )darkwhispers327 Wrote: How do I measure anal pressure?

Afaik, there are two ways to do this.  One involves little using one of these thin strip pressure sensors.  I think with these, the idea would be to wrap it around the neck of the plug to detect sphincter contractions.  The other way is to use an inflatable plug and connect one of these pressure sensors to the pneumatic tubing somewhere.  The catch with this is you need to keep a fixed volume of air in that system during it's use so the micro-controller can get a proper read of the pressure.

I thought a lot about trying to detect the edge of an orgasm and eventually settled on using a simple timing algorithm to keep me from having an orgasm.  My current device uses a vibrator and precise timing to turn the vibrator on and off so that I don't orgasm until the timer turns the vibrator on non-stop.  Here's a link to my current project which I am still streamlining.  The way I have done this is actually super effective for me.  If you were to combine the venus 2000 rehash project with an algorithm to keep you on edge, I suspect you could spend hours frustrated if you wanted to.
There is a related thread...
Quote:Take a look at this project.  This guy put a stepper motor in his venus for full control of position and speed.  He called his project "Venus 2000 rehash"

Looks cool, but I have no idea how to implement something like this.  Didn't see any kind of detailed instructions.

Quote:Hardware-wise, to be able to automate that, you would need a couple of solenoid valves 

I'm not sure where to attach these parts or how to hook these parts up to be controlled by software.

Quote:One involves little using one of these thin strip pressure sensors.

Having sensors on the outside of the plug would not feel great I think, would somehow need to embed them in the plug itself.  Therefor, the method of using a pressure sensor sounds much more appealing.  I wouldn't need to keep a fixed volume of air, because all I would need to measure is the delta in pressure.

Thanks so much for your post.  I'm just going to need a lot more detail in order to actually build these things.
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Wow... even more than I thought!
(29 Dec 2019, 05:33 )Like Ra Wrote: Related threads:

Wow... even more than I thought!

I just read through them all.  Unfortunately, none of them really have detailed instructions.  I like the thing you said in one of the posts:

Quote:Another version: try NOT to come, or the bondage time will be increased. The challenge is the same - how to detect subsequent orgasms.

I love the idea that it adds another half hour or hour every time you orgasm.

I think I need a hardware expert to help guide me through this with very detailed steps.
I think some threads (efforts, ideas and skills) can be merged 😊

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