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Sissification hypnosis (Warning: dangerous!)
(08 Oct 2017, 08:40 )wilsd Wrote: here’s hoping they live up to the warnings.
As always, if you do not want the effect, most likely it'll never happen. But if you agree with all the suggestions, then the result might be really dramatic (in all possible meanings). The warnings are mostly for the curses, that might be not removable. However, they might wear off with time, if you stop listening.

Another problem is that most of the files are very addictive. BTW, any explanations? Endorphins/dopamines/serotonins/oxytocins? ASMR? Proper (binaural) frequencies?
Something different:

Quote:Becoming Shemale - Loop Track

Hello folks! This is the partner track for my other main track, Becoming Shemale. This is designed to be seamless with the ending of the main track, in order to keep the file going if one wants to fall asleep to it or something. If not, and just used solo, the track is basically the meat and potatoes of the main file with a few more subliminals thrown in for good measure. Let me know if you like it or have any ideas to improve it! Binaurals/Background tunes thrown in for easier listening.

Becoming_Shemale_-_Loop_Track_(MP3).mp3 (Size: 9.94 MB )

Guys, any luck with any of the files above? Must confess I did not have time for them - playing with other files/ideas.
Unfortunately the last two pages of the discussion are lost. But here's another one:

I wonder if it provokes the split personality or works only for people with this syndrome. But the outcome is terrible, IMO. Almost similar to suicide. Yea, beware of your desires, because they come true... Even if the posted experience is fake and made up...

Interesting comment:

Quote:from my understanding of the teenie weenie file thread some subjects have regained the ability to get hard, and some have regained some of their length back, but no one who has listened to it for a full week has regained their full length back after listening to the file. its pretty typical for files to linger long after you think they are gone and some hooks that are driven in deep enough never really leave.

while it's true for most people that it takes quite awhile for a file to reach its full effectiveness, i have seen tons of threads on here about people who listen to a file once and get way more than they bargained for.
Can’t wait to try them together.
For those with bimbofication-dollification hypno-fetish:

Good girl!

For those who like dangerous experiments (check the script first!):

This file transforms you from who you are now to a pre-pubescent shemale. your body will have both types of genitalia but you can hide your cock by saying or thinking "I do not want my penis" or make it present itself by saying or thinking "I want my penis" The transformation will take 28 days and works on both men or women. This transformation cannot be reversed, but once transformed you will start ageing normally.

PrePubescentShemaleSubliminal.mp3 (Size: 2.98 MB )

CursePrePubescentShemale binaural.mp3 (Size: 5.73 MB )

These are the subliminal and binaural versions, full version can be downloaded from the link (registration needed).

Attached Files
Curse PrePubescent Shemale Script.txt (Size: 9.26 KB )
So, girls, I see you like dangerous files, you don't even read the scripts 😉 Here's  another one, that I wouldn't recommend to listen, unless you know what you are doing...

Quote:This file causes a feminine spirit to grow deep inside the mind of the subject. She will hear this voice inside her thoughts. The subject will be trained to obey. This file places a mental collar around the subject's neck. This feminizes the mind gradually growing stronger. This file creates a separate voice inside the mind. This spirit will feminize the soul of the subject. She will behave like a good submissive girl. This spirit voice is reinforced through a ritual trigger. The subject will have a female spirit grow inside her soul. She must obey this girl. She will obey instinctively. This file causes an addiction in the body to train the mind. She will pose every day in front of a mirror. She will hear this girl say, 'good girl' every time she behaves. She will be forced to act feminine in every situation. Her thoughts will be forced to behave. This spirit gives the subject powerful urges to act feminine. The subject will be trained to submit and obey. She will want the world to see how much a girly girl she is deep down. The subject will feel a collar around her neck. This collar will remind the subject how much a good submissive slut she is deep down. Her pussy will drip girly cum juice. This spirit is placed deep inside the subconscious mind. This spirit rewards feminine behavior with pleasure. She will feminize through positive reinforcement. This spirit will love you so much. She will guide the subject into girly happiness. It will be impossible to act like a boy in any way. This spirit will guide the subject's movements to act feminine. Please be absolutely sure that you desire to be trapped this way completely. This file is very powerful and opens spiritual doors in the soul. You will not be able to escape this file. This file causes an addiction to listen and train through ritual. The subject takes full responsibility for the effects of this file.

Demon Girl Secret Feminizing Collar.mp3 (Size: 91.45 MB )

This is a video from deleted Kei's YouTube account:

Deep Subliminal Brainwash Submissive Feminization.mp4 (Size: 22.57 MB )


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